Performing Arts Masters

Master in Creative Performance Practice

(Acting / music theatre)

Designed to train performers to develop their own work and the work of others


This Performing Arts Master’s degree enables you to develop your creative practice, deepening skills, knowledge and expertise to become an independent creative practitioner.

It offers a unique programme that combines academic study with practical training in all areas of performing arts practice.


1 academic year

Validated by

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Start Date

16 September, 2024



Programme Leader

Armando Rotondi

Programme Specification

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two specialisms to choose from

Study the art of creative performance practice with us. We offer two different specialised pathways that all culminate in a Master’s degree: Acting and Music Theatre.

Coordinated by Drew Mulligan

Exploring the methods and processes of actors to be able to create, work and interact in the contemporary international environment.

Coordinated by Nick Hollamby

Synergising traditional musical theatre training with entrepreneurship, artistic research and innovation.

Class schedule
Shared Modules

Creative performance practice 

Research skills

Performance theory

Arts entrepreneurship

Final project


Acting 1 – The Embodied Actor 

Acting 2 – The Contemporary Actor

Transmedia and interactive storytelling

Music Theatre
Shared modules
Creative Performance Practice

This module explores interdisciplinary approaches in creative performance practice; students from each of the subject disciplines will work together.

In the first part of the module, students engage with, and develop, an awareness of creative performance practice in relation to the use of space, design, costume, and technology through a series of workshops that conclude in a paper design sharing exercise. 

The second part of the module will involve students in practical exploration, development and realisation of a collaborative interdisciplinary project and performance working with teams from drawn from each of the subject disciplines

Research skills

The module will equip students with the necessary training in a broad range of research skills, with the express aim of preparing them for postgraduate level writing and research, and ultimately for their dissertation. Key topics will include academic writing and linguistics; bibliographical searches and construction of a bibliography; undertaking a literary review; hypothesis formation; falsifiability; ethical procedures; and use of quantitative and qualitative methodologies in the field of creative performance practice.

Performance theory
Recognising the potentially diverse backgrounds of the students, the module will start with an investigation into the nature of performance theory and how it has grown and developed as a discipline. This will run in parallel to sessions covering research and analytical skills.
The module is not designed as a vehicle to impart a particular canon or body of knowledge. It is an opportunity for students to develop and engage with a range of concepts, ideas and theoretical/analytical positions, that they will find ultimately useful in the development, evaluation and analysis of their own practice as performance makers and performers.Performance theory is diverse and eclectic and often interdisciplinary in nature.
Arts entrepreneurship

The syllabus will cover the practical and principle areas in producing a performance event including: Entrepreneurship and risk taking, Creativity and artistic vision within the context of the business environment, Principles of production, Financial management and budgeting, Audition Material and Preparation, Promotional Materials amongst others.

Final Project

The module is designed to provide students with the opportunity to undertake a substantial piece of sustained enquiry through practice and traditional academic research.

Create your own project

As part of your final project you will be encouraged to experiment and take risks in a series of self-directed  projects that help you develop a portfolio of work. Through practice and traditional academic research guided by our staff, you may for example:

  • Write a full stage play or screenplay
  • Produce and direct or create your own production
  • Undertake one or more performance roles
  • Create works with leading creative explorations
How To Apply

The first step would be to submit an application

Note: You don’t need your videos until after you have submitted your application form. 

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Video Submission

Part 1: Depends on specialisation:

  • Acting: One monologue + optional monologue in your own language
  • Music Theatre: One monologue + one song + 60-second jazz dance piece

Part 2: Creative response to stimuli:

A creative response about 2 minutes to one of the stimuli listed in the audition guide.

One-to-One Interview

Online interview and discussion with yourself and members of the MA teaching team.

Your Interview

After you have submitted your application and video audition, we will arrange your online interview at a mutually convenient time. 

Entry criteria

Successful audition, IELTS 6.5 or equivalent and, a BA (Hons) at 2.2 or above or an equivalent academic award, or, a long-term sustained professional career as a performer or creative practitioner. 

Find out more about our entry requirements.

Fees and Funding
Tuition Fees are paid to the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. All financial arrangements are with the IAB, and not with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). 
European & UK Students

€11,900 tuition fee

With an additional €500 registration fee and €80 health clinic membership.

International Students

€16,900 tuition fee

With an additional €500 registration fee and €80 health clinic membership.

Check out our Fees and Scholarship page to find out about everything about our fees, funding and scholarship opportunities.

A graduation will be arranged by the IAB for all graduating students. Further information is provided directly to graduating students. 
Award Certificate

The Award Certificate and Transcript of Studies are issued by Liverpool John Moores University.

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