Accommodation options

Helping you find a place to stay

Whilst not offering our own accommodation there are lots of options in Sitges to stay while you’re studying at the IAB.

Our student services are here to help you find a place to stay, connect you with possible roommates and help you adapt to your new life in Sitges.

Finding Accommodation in sitges

There are plenty of accommodation options in Sitges, especially during the off-summer season. A lot of summer rentals become available at a more affordable price. 

There are also many people who will rent a room out in their homes, student services can supply those lists.

Once you’ve been accepted to our programmes we will send you a guide with a list of local options and agencies for you to contact to help you find a place.

  • Apartments and studios
  • Individual rooms
  • Agencies platforms and websites
  • Facebook group links

Frequently asked questions

Rent for shared accommodation (2 to 3 bedrooms) is approximately €350 to €450 per month