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BA (Hons) Dance


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Creating versatile dancer artists for today’s contemporary dance scene

Our BA (Hons) Dance programme is taught in classic conservatoire style. As a result it is rigorous, intensive and highly creative.

This undergraduate degree is constructed and designed to both develop you as a versatile artist and equip you with all the skills and knowledge to pursue a successful, sustainable career in dance.

Programme Duration

3 academic years full time

Validated by

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Start Date

16 September, 2024



Programme Name

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Dance

Programme Leader

Sara Colomino

Programme Specification

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Dance programs


To ensure our students are rounded and versatile artists, our curriculum offers a variety of contemporary dance techniques for you to explore and improve upon.

You will be training in techniques covering but not limited to Release, Floor Work, Horton-based and Cunningham-based classes.

In addition, you will work on Improvisation techniques, Partnering, Flying Low, Repertoire and Gaga.

All of these techniques will be put into practice during the multiple productions and opportunities the artists get during the 3 years.

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Class Schedule

Our BA (Hons) Dance training provides instruction across a comprehensive range of contemporary disciplines, with each class geared to preparing students physically and mentally to be as strong, agile, responsive and expressive as possible.

You will study in 7 different modules: Contemporary Techniques, Classical Techniques, Associates Techniques, Creative Enterprise, Creative Practice and Research, Production and Performance and Contextual Studies.

CORE Classes
Additional Year 1
Additional Year 2
Additional Year 3

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Push your creative boundries

Become a creative dance artist

Choreography and innovation

Our comprehensive choreography and movement research modules provide you with multiple opportunities (classes and projects) to develop choreographic skills and collaborative practice to prepare you for today’s artistic field.

You will train in all aspects of performance making from conception through to staging your own projects, taking full advantage of our theatre spaces and site-specific locations.

Jointly with your peers, you will host a public, immersive dance festival at the IAB directing a cast of first-year students.

Gain performance experience in dance

Dance Performance Opportunities

Dance shows

Starting the first year you will be part of multiple dance shows to gain performance experience and perform in both the IAB theatre and external venues during your studies.

Dance Film Project

During the second year, you will participate in a film project that will help you develop your dance for camera techniques.

Site-Specific PerfoRmances

Gain experience in a range of performance modes reflecting today’s ever-expanding artistic field.

Staying current in the world of contemporary dance

How we prepare you for the dance scene

  • Filming your own solo with a team of professional videographers for your dance reel.
  • Well-recognised guest artists will choreograph pieces to perform in different stages.
  • You will have the opportunity to audition for agents and attend masterclasses and Q&As.
  • You will take part in a series of audition technique sessions led by professional choreographers
  • You will get classes on how to build your performer resume, choose the perfect headshot, negotiate with agents and build networking skills.
How To Apply

*We are now accepting video auditions for our waiting list


Pre-Audition: Dance Solo Video

You will be asked to submit a dance solo through video.

Live Audition

During the live audition you will take part in:

  • Ballet class
  • Contemporary class and workshop

One-to-One Interview

You will have a one-to-one meeting with our staff.

Upcoming Auditions
Entry criteria

Successful audition, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, and the national university entry academic qualification of your country equivalent to 104 UK Tariff points or 24 points from an International Baccalaureate. Mature applicants without recognised university entry-level academic qualifications are assessed on their experience to date. 

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Alumni Success

You can find alumni of our bachelor of arts in dance working in:

Passionate faculty and inspiring dance classes

Fees and Funding
Tuition Fees are paid to the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. All financial arrangements are with the IAB, and not with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). 
European & UK Students

€11,400 annual tuition fee

With an additional €500 registration fee and €80 health clinic membership.

International Students

€16,900 annual tuition fee

With an additional €500 registration fee and €80 health clinic membership.

Check out our Fees and Scholarship page to learn about our fees, funding and scholarship opportunities.

A graduation will be arranged by the IAB for all graduating students. Further information is provided directly to graduating students. 
Award Certificate

The Award Certificate and Transcript of Studies are issued by Liverpool John Moores University.

The BA (Hons) Commercial Dance program stands out as one of the few three-year degrees that genuinely equips aspiring dancers with the necessary skills to thrive as professional commercial performers.

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Our Foundation Dance course caters to individuals aspiring to pursue a higher education in dance, providing them with a high-quality, one-year intensive program. This course offers an opportunity to enhance technique, skills, and overall improvement.

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