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Your journey with us opens doors to remarkable opportunities, empowering you to pursue a rewarding career in the captivating realm of dance.

Take a closer look at the dance programmes we offer at the IAB. Find out what you’ll learn, how you’ll be taught, and the opportunities your course will give you to launch a career in this exceptional field of dance.

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Dance degrees: Foundation and Bachelors

Our dance degrees are carefully designed to nurture exceptional technical proficiency and ignite your creative potential. Focusing on technical dance development and artistic expression, our dance degrees prepare you for a future as a professional dancer.

We offer 3 different dance programmes:

Intensive two-terms training
IAB Award Certificate
3 academic years
Validated by LJMU
3 academic years
Validated by LJMU
Foundation Dance
dance university

2 Term Programme

Dance degree preparation

Level 3

contemporary dance school
dance college

3 Year Degree

Validated by LJMU

Level 4-6

hip hop dance programs
diploma in dance

Last places available

3 Year Degree

Validated by LJMU

Level 4-6

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Foundation Dance

Intensive dance course

Our Foundation Dance course is directed to those who want to enter a degree in dance and are looking for a high-quality one-year intensive course in which they can develop their technique and skills with improvement, whilst also working on performance. Our training focuses on ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and commercial dance.

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BA (Hons) Dance

Bachelor degree in contemporary dance

Our BA (Hons) Dance programme prepares you for a career in contemporary dance, with all of the technical, academic and vocational skills needed to pursue a sustainable and satisfying career in dance.

This undergraduate bachelor degree also encourages you to explore areas of creative thinking and choreography.

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BA (Hons) Commercial Dance

Bachelor degree in commercial dance

Our BA (Hons) in Commercial Dance at the IAB is an immersive 3-year undergraduate bachelor degree. It empowers students to excel in technical prowess and artistic expression within the realm of commercial dance. This transformative journey equips aspiring dancers with the skills to succeed as versatile professionals in the dynamic world of commercial dance.

Key Features of the

Dance Programmes

dance university
dance academy in barcelona, spain, europe
What training do our dance courses offer?

dance training

If you are uncertain which dance degree to pursue, refer to the comprehensive table below. It compares and contrasts all the various dance training options available at IAB, providing valuable insights to aid your decision-making process.

Understanding the details of each programme thoroughly is crucial in making an informed decision about which dance course aligns best with your aspirations, skills, and preferences. Taking the time to research and learn about the curriculum, faculty, training approach, and career outcomes will help ensure that you apply to the dance course that suits you the most, setting you on the path to a successful and fulfilling dance education at the IAB.

Foundation Dance BA (Hons) Dance BA (Hons) Commercial Dance


2 Terms (September-March)
3 Academic Years
3 Academic Years

Validated By

Institute of the Arts Barcelona
UK University (Liverpool John Moores Univeristy)
UK University (Liverpool John Moores Univeristy)

Core Dance Styles


Contemporary Dance
Commercial Dance

Core Dance
Technical Skills



Horton (Modern)

Cunningham (Modern)



Dance Techniques

Contemporary Dance

Commercial Dance

Contemporary Dance Techniques:

Release Floor Work



Improvisation Techniques


Commercial Dance Styles:

Commercial Jazz


Funk Foundations

Popping and Locking


Additional Dance Techniques

Tap Dance

Contemporary Dance

Tap Dance

Aerial and Acro

Awarding Certification

IAB Certificate
Undergraduate Degree:
Bachelor of Arts with Honours
Undergraduate Degree:
Bachelor of Arts with Honours
Dance alumni success

You can find our graduating dance students working in music videos, joining contemporary dance companies, touring with international artists, doing residencies in major cities, on cruises all around the world and working in the ensemble of musical theatre shows. 


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Our dance education is delivered by lecturers with a wealth of experience as performers and dance lecturers. Their focus is on helping you to develop your technical skills to a professional level, inspiring your creative confidence, and preparing you for a life in dance.

Each dance programme is taught in classic conservatoire style, rigorous, intensive and creative. On each course, the technique classes are supported by theory and contextual study. Performance work enables the synthesis and practical demonstration of technical artistry, intellectual understanding and emotional connection with the work.

Why study dance at the IAB?

Students who study dance at the IAB are immersed in a culturally diverse environment, fostering a profound exchange of artistic ideas. Embracing this opportunity, they can pursue a UK-based university degree while thriving in the captivating Mediterranean coastal town of Sitges. This unique blend of academic excellence and cultural exposure nurtures well-rounded artists who are prepared for successful careers as dancers.

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Conservatoire-style training


Who have performed around the globe

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With students from over 50 different countries

Perfomance opportunities

Gain performance experience from the onset

Study dance Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Dance Education in Europe

If you are looking for dance education in Europe the IAB is the place for you. One of the key features of our programmes is the fact you will be living in Spain while studying dance. Our school is based near Barcelona (Sitges). By combining training, performances and cultural enrichment, our students get a truly unique experience—a study abroad opportunity like none other.

Dance Semester Study Abroad

We also offer you the option to come to study our dance programmes for one semester. Find out all about our Dance Semester Study Abroad programme.

contemporary dance school
barcelona dance school
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