BA (Hons)
Popular Music Vocal Performance

About the Programme

Songwriting / Creating / Performing
The BA (Hons) in Singing Programme has a unique focus on singing for popular music, commercial music and musical theatre forms. Highly practical, with substantial one-to-one training, a large amount of public performance opportunities, linked with a solid foundation in music business, the programme combines the best of mainstream music education with a dynamic modern entrepreneurial focus on commercial and entertainment singing performance. The programme develops the student across six areas:

  • Singing (technique / style)
  • Musicality (including the development of a second instrument)
  • Songwriting
  • Music Technology and Recording
  • Performance
  • Music Business and Management

The BA Hons is highly practical and driven by the desire to create imaginative and creative singer / songwriters / performers. The programme gives its students all the key skills required for a successful career. The programme does not prescribe style or genre of popular music but rather allows its students to develop as individual artists. 

Areas of Study

Individual Vocal Training
To enhance and develop the students professional level performance skills as a solo performer, with specific focus on the development of a personal singing style or approach

Ensemble Singing
To enhance the students ability in ensemble technique including harmony, counterpoint and choral performance

Songwriting / Music Creation
To provide the students with skills as songwriting and in music creation, arrangement and interpretation

Second Instrument Study
To provide students with performance skills in a second instrument (Piano or Guitar)

Style Study
To provide the student with the opportunity to explore and evaluate differing styles and approaches to singing and singing performance from Ella Fitzgerald to Beyonce (e.g Jazz, Gospel, R&B including improvisation etc…)

Performance Skills
To provide the students with an understanding of, and skills, in music performance (utilizing the associated performance skills of visual presentation song interpretation and movement / dance)

Music Technology / Sound Recording and Production
To provide the students with the core skills and understanding of digital audio music production, audio sound recording and production, and live sound.

Music Business and Professional Studies
To provide students with an understanding of the music / performing arts economy and develop in them an understanding of their potential within it. Specific focus is given to music entrepreneurship including the organization of live events.

Music Theory and Analysis
To provide students with a thorough understanding in music theory (including the ability to sight read) and develop in them the capacity to undertake detailed analytical evaluation of music texts and performances.

Vocal Anatomy and Vocal Health
To provide the students with a detailed understanding of the physiological make up and operation of the human voice and develop an understanding of how to work safely as a singing performer

The Programme

Year One — Core Skills
Year one is about developing the core skills. In this year the students work closely with the singing staff, through both weekly one-to-one sessions and group sessions, in the development of a healthy, sustainable and strong singing voice. Students also study vocal styles including amongst other Jazz, Blues and Rock singing. 

In addition to developing their voice, in year one student develop performance skills in a second instrument (Piano or Guitar). It is not essential that students already have skills in one of these instruments. Students also follow programmes in Music Creation and Recording and performance technology and Music Business Management. 

Year Two — The Artist
Year two is focused on the student developing their own creative identity as a music maker and a music performer. One-to-one and group singing sessions continue, as do vocal style studies, performance skills and music business. In year two, two important elements are introduce – Song writing and performance projects. These two are crucial for the development of the creative artist. Utilizing the music technology and recording skills developed in year one students are asked to write and produce a number of original songs – in performance projects students then have the opportunity to producing a substantial public concert showcasing their work.

Year Three — The Professional
Year three is focused on developing creative material and an individual brand so as to help the student launch their professional career. Students also produce recorded material and make a music video. Music business in year three is focused on developing strategies and material and building links to external organization (record labels, promoters, producers and others) to facilitate the students move to being a professional in the music industry. 

Year three concludes with each student developing a portfolio of public performances focusing on areas in which they want to develop professionally – these performances can be collaborative or solo and will involve working with backing bands and will take place in professional music venues in Spain and the UK. Each student will graduate with a comprehensive show reel and promotional material.

What Happens When You Leave?
Depending on choices made through the programme students may go on to careers across a broad spectrum of singing related theatre and arts practice.

  • Popular and Commercial Music Singer
  • Cabaret / Concert Singer / Cruise Ship
  • Session Singer
  • Musical Theatre Performer
  • Singing Coach / Teacher
  • Community Music Facilitator

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