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New Programme in Aerial Arts

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Our vision at the IAB is to offer the broadest possible range of complimentary programmes for performing artists. We recognise that a major employer and creative force in the performing arts economy are contemporary circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil

The IAB is planning to develop a degree programme in 'Aerial and Physical Performance’ to enable young performers to train for this exciting and challenging art form. While the aerialist performer is held in the air by ropes, silks, hoops or static trapeze, the physical performer uses heightened body skills to story tell through movement, gesture, expression and body acrobatics. The programme brings these two genres together to offer the opportunity for new skillset learning, realignment of current practice in a new dimension and, the further exploration of dance, acting, physical and musical theatre genres through this frame of academic reference. 

Employment opportunities are wide ranging and international, for example large scale events, opening ceremonies, festivals, arena tours, cruise ships and contemporary circus companies. 

Is this a programme that you would be interested in studying? We want to develop this programme around the student performer so please send your thoughts, questions and/or an expression of interest to