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Aerial Arts at the IAB

Please note that the last date for application for this programme is the 1st July.

Audition date for this programme is 28th June at the IAB. To apply please go to Audition page.

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IAB Professional Diploma Aerial Arts and Performance
1 Year course. Starts September 2019

The Aerial Arts is among the most spectacular forms of physical performance. Whether you are an experienced dancer or gymnast looking to bring its demanding skills into your repertoire, or a practitioner seeking to take your work to another dimension, the IAB's Professional Aerial Arts Diploma is the gateway to a high-level career in a thrilling arena of artistry.

During the intensive year-long course you will focus hard on developing your range of skills and expertise, widening the scope of performance work you can offer.

But the IAB Aerial Arts Diploma teaches you about much more than technique.

You will learn, by experience, how contemporary aerial performance is created, how it can be wonderfully integrated with other theatrical forms and disciplines. And you will be taught how to succeed as an entrepreneur in this hugely popular field.

That knowledge is the key to being able to make your own work and manage your own career, and to making you an attractive prospect for companies whose business is developing and producing the spectacle that is Aerial Arts.

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Teaching Staff

Stefano Rosato
Lecturer in Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Jenn Blake
Lecturer in Choreography

Rob Foley
Lecturer in Jazz Dance and Musical Theatre

Valentina Temussi
Lecturer in Movement