Lily Tolkun

Lecturer in Commercial Dance (Voguing, High heels)
🇧🇾, She/Her

Professional Experience
2019 – ahora:
– Runway and Posing coach – Model agency BCN CASTING Octubre 2014 – ahora:
– Dance Teacher – INSTITUTE OF ARTS BARCELONA – Vogue, Commercial dance, High Heels
– Dance teacher CENTRE CIVIC DRASSANES: Voguing, Runway, High Heels
– Founder, Choreographer and Dancer – Dance show Amazonas; House of Pluma
– Choreographer and Dancer – SAMSUNG x Monica Naranjo commercial, Mobile World Congress 2017main show, Aniversario Montibello 50, 6x degrees show (Cairo, Egypt), 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2018 and 2020, Gran Gala Gay Pride 2017, 2018 , ECO-DRAG (Sala Bikini) , OPIUM , One Ocean, Sala Apolo etc
-Choreographer and Dancer videoclips :
Lorna & Harry Mendez ( España ), Kooly Bros (USA), Frank Jamzzi (Spain), Chill&Funk (Barcelona), Jossg Hiking (Barcelona), Jack Mazzoni (Italia), J-Mafia (Amsterdam) , Big Barna Family (Bcn); etc
2012-2013 Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (USA) , MS Azamara Quest, featured dancer, dance teacher , choreographer

2012 – featured dancer – The Dream Of Quingdao ( Qingdao, China )
2011 ColorLineCompany(Olso,Norway),MSFantasy,featured dancer, dance teacher
2010-2011 founder, dance teacher in “Musical Theatre” dance school ( Minsk, Belarus)
2007-2011 dance teacher in Dance Sport Club “Ovaciya” ( Minsk, Bielorrusia )
Dance styles:
Vogue, Jazz-Funk (Commercial Dance), High Heels, Ballroom( Latin and Standard),Salsa, Afro, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Runway, Posing, Choreography
Dance Education:
2000-2011 Dance Sport Club “Tango” Minsk, Belarus – Ballroom Dance (Latina, Standard)
2007-2011 ballet
2010-2011 Dance school «KINEZIS-SALSA» -salsa
2010-2011 Jazz Modern dance school «deModern» – contemporary dance 2010-2011 Modern dance studio “D.O.Z.S.K.I.” – contemporary dance
2010-2012 Gimnastics classes with World and European Gymnastic champions Vera Davidovich y Olga Gontar
2010-2011 Dance school Black fox, ElGato (hip-hop, house, locking, popping)
2013-2014 El Gato dance school (Belarus , Minsk) – Voguing, Jazz- Funk

2015 –2017 dancehall formation ONE LOVE INNA DI PLACE (Barcelona)
2015 – 2018 Formation INDEE STYLA y BLAAKOW de dancehall y afrobeat
Titles :
2008 IDSF Open Standard 1 place
2008 IDSF Open Latin 1st place
2008 FDF Republican Tournament 10 dance 1th place 2009 IDSF Open Latin Lublin (Poland) finalist
2010 IDSF Open Latin Vilnus, Lithuania, finalist 2010 Grodno Open 10 dance 2nd place
2010 Belarus Championship Standard 1st place 2010 Belarus Championship Latin 1st place 2011 Belarus Championship Latin 1st place