Carlos Rodríguez

Lecturer in Jazz Dance
🇪🇸, He/Him
Carlos is a dancer and choreographer based in Barcelona. He trained in classical ballet at Carles Ibañez Ballet School and Victor Ullate Ballet School. He trained in Musical Theatre at l’Escola Coco Comin and urban dances at Rookies Dance Studio. As a dancer, he has won the National Dance Competition Irene Pallarés in the category of Megacrew in 2016 with Rookies Dance Company. In Madrid, he dances in the show The Little Prince choreographed by Jose Tirado and joins the dance company Julia Olmedo dancing the ballets Romeo and Juliet and Da Vincci. He moves to Bulgaria to join State Ballet Stara Zagora where he dances classical ballets like Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Don Quixote and other contemporary pieces by Mario Piazza. He started his journey through choreography creating the piece Simplicity for the New Year’s Eve gala at State Opera Stara Zagora and later he choreographed the opera The Lion’s Face, directed by Morten K. Roesen. Carlos created several dance pieces such as The Meeting, Solo nº1, Dreamer and Lullyby of Birdlad for company members. Lately he moved to London inspired by the jazz culture where he used to work in some workshops with Jazz House Theatre company and trained with House of Jazz, among others. Actually, he has a special interest in Mat Mattox and Fosse techniques and styles, which he trained while he was living in London. He also joined the RESET 2020 training organized by Studio Wayne McGregor where he currently has the opportunity to work on Wayne McGregor’s repertoire. During his career he has created his own company The Hatman Company, directing and choreographing the show LIGHT. He has also created the short dance film The Meeting. Recently Carlos has been working on the new advertisement for the gin bran Valxerit, creating, directing and choreographing their new spot Live is Swing. “Transversal knowledge has helped me to develop my individuality within my artistry” - Carlos Rodríguez.