Alícia Rodríguez

Lecturer in Contemporary Dance
🇪🇸, She/Her

During her time at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place, she was a member of the postgraduate dance company EDge 2007. Her involvement included performing works by notable choreographers such as Stephen Petronio, Stacy Spence (Trisha Brown Dance Company), Charlotte Boye-Christensen, and Ben Duke (Lost Dog Company). Her dance educational journey culminated in the completion of a practice-based Master’s degree (M.A.) in Contemporary Dance from LCDS The Place.

Subsequently, she immersed herself in the dance world as a full-time dancer for several years and she embraced the role of Assistant Rehearsal Director within Companhia de Dança do Norte. She also danced and collaborated with a diverse array of international choreographers, including Jesús Rubio Gamo, Elena Córdoba, José Vidal, Carla Onni, Javiera Peón Veiga, among others. Her artistic contributions extend to theatrical productions such as the award-winning production ‘Victoria Falls’ featured at both the Temporada Alta and Grec Festival. Since 2006, she has been exploring her own choreographic concepts. Her expertise extends to teaching various dance styles including ballet, modern and contemporary dance, repertoire, contact-improvisation, improvisation, dance composition, and workshops focused on dance and philosophy.

She also pursued Philosophy studies (Bachelor, Master and PhD of philosophy and dance). In 2021, she obtained the highest academic distinction, a PhD with Honours (Excellent Cum Laude), through a thesis centred around the notion of the political in the performative contemporaneity of dance, while delving into the concept of vulnerability as event. Presently, she remains deeply engaged in her ongoing postdoctoral dance research, actively collaborating with various projects and universities.