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Semester Study Abroad

The IAB Semester Study Abroad program provides a unique and exciting opportunity to enhance your performing arts skills at Europe's only International Performing Arts Institution and at the same time experience a new culture in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.

The IAB is located in the stunning seaside town of Sitges, just 30 minutes from the centre of Barcelona, and is the perfect base from which to explore the rich arts scene of Cataluña, Spain and beyond! It is known that Picasso, Rusiñol and Dalí all spent time in Sitges, and immersion within Spanish arts and culture is something we greatly encourage within the Study Abroad program. Students undertake a dedicated course on Spanish culture within their discipline and are given the opportunity to improve their Spanish language skills as well as experiencing traditional customs at festivals and during our organised cultural trips throughout the region.

Our semester-long programs in Acting, Dance and Musical Theatre courses, are worth 30 ECTS credits (European HE credits). We are a truly vocational conservatory, helping students to develop their performance skills from dedicated, innovative teachers. Our intense programs marry technical skills and creativity within a professional performance context, with a high number of weekly contact hours and individual feedback sessions and the opportunity to create shows in our fully-equipped theatre.

Despite all teaching and operations being in English, we are a truly international institution, with students and staff representing over 35 different nationalities, giving Study Abroad students the opportunity to befriend like-minded artists from all over the world. Having only 350 students, we are able to ensure that student well-being is of paramount importance – a dedicated Study Abroad student contact is part of our permanent student welfare department and can be contacted with any queries before and throughout the Study Abroad program.

Our student halls are a relaxed and friendly focal point for students, just a minute’s walk to the beach and a 5 minute walk to the IAB. Students are responsible for preparing and cooking for themselves, using the shared facilities available in their accommodation. The IAB itself has an in-house café which provides healthy options for breakfast and lunch, and countless nearby restaurants, bars and cafés offer an inviting alternative for meal times relaxing with friends.

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Listen to what our students have to say about the Semester Abroad programme:

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"Hi, I’m Jessica! It is a pleasure to invite you to a program filled with international artistic opportunities in a cultural, enriching, and nurturing environment here at IAB. As an American, I have studied abroad in both London and Barcelona for my BFA and MA Degrees, and cannot emphasize how living and studying abroad has shaped my life on both a personal and professional level. It takes a courageous and curious individual to take a big leap to study in a foreign country far from home. I am here to support, guide, and assist you in this big opportunity every step of the way not only in cultivating a global network of connections, but more importantly in making memories with friends that will last a lifetime."

Jessica Hallam, IAB Study Abroad Coordinator


Semester Study Abroad Programme Details

Awarding Institution: Liverpool John Moores University

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How To Apply

Download the application form and fill it out accurately. The form is a PDF document that will need to be emailed back to us:

The application must be filled out in English. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to fill out your application form. Mac users – do not use the “Preview” application.

No audition or application fee is required. Just download the Application Form and send to .