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MA Dance

The Masters Dance programme at the IAB is designed for professional dance artists who wish to transition to the next stage of their career. The MA dance, through an immersive and intensive experience, helps its students to expand and explore new territories and to define and then refine their own personal informed and creative approach to dance performance and choreography. The MA Dance aims to create rigorous and empowered creative performers and dance makers and acts as an incubator for talent.

Programme Aims
The aim of the programme is to support and develop a new generation of creative dancers and choreographers who can make a contribution to the development of dance. More specifically the programme aims to develop individuals who can: 

  • Create challenging, innovative performances which respond dynamically and imaginatively to diverse context, settings and stimuli 
  • Demonstrate, through practice, a rigorous research led understanding of contemporary critical thinking surrounding dance and performance 
  • Demonstrate a clear and embodied understanding of diverse dance technique and its relationship to performance 
  • Demonstrate an empowered entrepreneurial outlook to creative practice 

Unique Features of the Programme
The MA Dance programme has a number of distinguishing features: 

  • The substantial opportunity to experiment, explore and expand, and create new dance work, in a stimulation and highly supportive creative environment 
  • The opportunity to develop as creative, informed and empowered and technical dance performers 
  • Its relationship with the partner MA Acting 
  • Its unique synthesis of dance technique, choreographic practice and critical thinking 
  • Its student centred, individual research approach to teaching and learning 
  • The one to one mentoring and coaching 

Teaching and Learning Strategies
The MA Dance (Choreography and Performance) is committed to a student centred approach with a strong emphasis on action research. The majority of student’s time will be spent in practical workshop and laboratory sessions exploring the principles and practices of dance technique, performance and choreography. Students will explore repertoire from leading practitioners or lead a number of dance theatre performances as choreographer and performer. The programme will include specific and focused lecture programmes exploring the history, theory and context of global dance theatre production. This will run parallel to a comprehensive programme of lectures and workshops in creative dance theatre producing. 


The MA Dance consists of seven modules and is made up of 90 ECTS units (180 UK credits). The programme starts in September each year.

This module provides the students with the ability to contextualize and evaluate their own work and the work of others. Through this module students will critically engage with a range of theoretical and conceptual approaches relevant to contemporary performance practice. The module is also designed to support the student in the development of Master level research and writing skills. (10 ECTS Units)

This module provides students with a clear and practical understanding of theatre producing in a variety of contexts. Creative Theatre Producing is not explored as an abstract concept but as a set of real-world practical skills that will enable the students to take their creative and artistic vision to fruition. (10 ECTS Units)

This module focuses on developing the student´s understanding of the relationship between the performance and the performance space, design and technology. The subject is explored through both practice (interrogating performance texts to explore design possibilities) and theory (exploring the various theories surrounding mise-en-scène, text, choreography and performance). (5 ECTS Units)

These modules introduce students to a range of diverse and challenging concepts and practices in dance and performance technique. The module is grounded in ballet and contemporary dance but will also allow the students to access new/alternative dance skills and techniques. It is designed to both enhance the student´s current technical skills and importantly explore new and emerging dance techniques from across the world. Through these modules students undertake daily classes either with other students or in specialist. The module will involve the student participating in a range of diverse dance performances frequently led by leading international guest artists. (15 ECTS Units)

CHOREOGRAPHY LABORATORY 1 - Process and Methodology
This module provides the students with a broad introduction to the principles and practices of choreographic composition and techniques. It aims to help the student gain a solid understanding of working practices and the technical and human processes of taking an idea through to performance. The module provides the conceptual and practical underpinning for the module ´Choreography and Performance Workshop. (10 ECTS Units)

CHOREOGRAPHY LABORATORY 2 - Consolidated Practice
This module is designed to provide the students with the opportunity to work with both established and emerging choreographic talent and exploring their diverse approaches to creative choreographic practice. The module concludes with the students presentation of a choreographic concert of the work they developed during their studies as part of their process of developing their signature style / methodology. (10 ECTS Units)

The Final project is the culmination of the programme. The project allows each student to undertake a substantial and sustained body of practical, creative performance work with capitalizes on their experience, learning and aspirations and intentions as an artist. Each student has the opportunity to negotiate their own plan and strategy for their studies. The Final project is shared between all MA students at the IAB and it is hoped that the project will see collaboration across the MA community.

It is anticipated that the Final Project on the MA Dance will result in the collaborative production of a range performance projects to be performed at the IAB and potentially internationally. (30 ECTS Units)


The MA Dance Programme is designed for mature, adventurous and ambitious dance artists who wish to develop/transition their career. The MA Dance programme is designed for those with considerable prior experience of dance and dance technique. The experience may come from professional dance training, undergraduate studies in the performing arts, or professional theatre experience.


Depending on choices made through the programme students may go on to careers across a broad spectrum of dance practice. This includes:

  • Choreographers (commercial or contemporary) 
  • Performers 
  • Dance animateurs 
  • Dance teachers and facilitators 
  • Dance Programmers / administrators 


Applicants are normally required to have achieved a University degree in an area related to the performing arts. Those who hold unrelated degrees are also encouraged to apply if they can demonstrate substantial levels of performing arts experience as a theatre maker or performer. Applicants without degrees may apply if they are able to demonstrate that they have substantial and directly relevant professional or professional-level work experience (normally three years minimum).

                  Partnered with Studio Wayne McGregor

                Partnered with Studio Wayne McGregor

Tuition Fees for course starting in September 2018.

How To Apply

Applying for the MA programme is simple. It is important for the Institute to get to know the applicant for its MA programmes very well. The application process is straight-forward:

Step 1:
Application Form and Fee

In the first instance, applicants are asked to fill in the MA application form and attach a personal statement detailing their creative aspirations and reasons for wishing to join the MA programme. You can download the MA application form here:

A €50 audition fee must be paid along with your application form. You can pay for it here:

Important Information
Non-EU/EEA Students Visa Requirement
If you are not a resident of the EU or EEA, you will need to apply for a Spanish student visa. It is your responsibility to apply for this visa and it is very important that you start your visa application process early as it can take a long time. Consult the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate for more information.

English Language Requirement
All programmes at the IAB are taught and assessed in English. You will need to achieve the following IELTS scores:

IAB Foundation and Professional Certificates: IELTS 5.5
BA and MA Degrees: IELTS 6.5

Students applying from countries where English is the main language do not need IELTS qualifications.

Step 2:

On receipt of the application form and the application fee, we will contact each applicant and they will be invited to meet the MA team at our campus to discuss their application and explore in more detail their learning and career aspirations.

If you are unable to attend in person, we can arrange for a video interview. Please let us know if this is the case.



If you have any questions regarding this programme, please contact

Age Requirement
Applications and auditions are open to anyone who will be at least 21 years old by the 31st of December of the year of enrolment in our programmes. Applications from mature students are most welcome.  



Entry Requirement
A good first degree in a performing arts related subject or, a full time three year professional training in the subject of the programme being applied for.
A successful audition and one to one interview. 
Applicants are required to submit recorded audition footage. Interviews will be conducted by Skype or an equivalent platform.