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IAB Professional Diploma
Contemporary Circus Arts

The one-year Professional Diploma in Contemporary Circus Arts is designed for experienced dancers or gymnasts who wish to enhance and augment their performance repertoire to include aerial arts. On completion of the Diploma students can seek work opportunities in

o    Aerial Arts
o    Physical Theatre and the Performance arts
o    Contemporary and commercial Dance
o    Cruise Ships and Entertainment Complexes
o    Promotion and Commercial Events
o    Film and TV

The Programme
The IAB Professional Diploma in Contemporary Circus Arts is highly practical and provides its students with the opportunity to learn through doing. The programme is typically taught 15 hours per week over one academic year (28 weeks) 

o    A profound understanding of the creation process for contemporary circus and aerial performance
o    Virtuosity and creativity in a range of performance techniques including aerial arts and dance
o    A deep understanding of the business and professional practice of contemporary circus and aerial arts
o    A clear understanding of their potential as a performer
o    A clear and deep understanding of the history and theoretical paradigms that inform contemporary circus arts.

Distinguishing Feature of the Professional Diploma
The unique focus on Contemporary Circus Arts performance.

o    High quality resources across all areas of the performing arts (Music technology, Lighting design, Sound design)
o    Substantial performance opportunities in a variety of settings (including in the IAB own professional theatre)
o    Working with industry professionals to establish networking links.
o    High quality experienced staff with substantial links across the sector.
o    Being part of one of Europe's most creative and exciting international Institutions with the opportunity to collaborate with artists from across the performing arts.
o    To study in Sitges, Barcelona one of Europe's most lively cultural and innovative locations

Core Areas of study

Aerial Performance –
o    Silks, Hoop, Static Trapeze, Rope

Dance and floor Performance –
o    Gymnastics, Acro-dance, Jazz and Commercial Dance

Fitness and Body Conditioning –
o    Fitness, Body strength, flexibility, Stamina

What We Look For in a Prospective Student
Performing in aerial arts is a physically demanding activity. All applicants will need to demonstrate physical fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility. Whilst we do not prescribe a particular background for our applicants it is highly like that potential students will have successful experience in gymnastics. We also welcome applicants who come with a strong technical dance background of any style. Circus requires its performers to be fearless and able to embrace challenges.

This programme is scheduled to run in September 2019. 

How To Apply


Applying is simple. Click here to apply (people residing in the Americas, see below):

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