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BA (Hons)
Musical Theatre

About the Programme

The BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre is a highly vocational and practical training and education in Musical Theatre.  The programme is designed for individuals with passion, creativity, imagination and a real commitment to achieving and sustaining a lasting career as a musical theatre performer.  It aims to create performers capable of working across a range of acting, dance and musical theatre styles and disciplines, and to give its students the opportunity to develop as independent-minded creative practitioners.   Our Musical Theatre training does not dictate a prescriptive approach to performance, but rather, gives you the opportunity to develop as an independent artist with your own relationship to performance, and to discover and utilize your own creativity.  The programme provides a rigorous training in all aspects of the three disciplines of Singing, Dance and Acting, and offers the opportunity to specialize more in Acting/Singing or Dance from the second year onwards.

The Musical Theatre programme aims to create a performer capable of working across a range of acting, dance and musical theatre styles and disciplines. The programme does not dictate a particular approach to performance, but rather, it gives you the opportunity to develop as an independent minded creative practitioner with your own relationship to performance.

There are two routes through the BA Musical Theatre at the IAB, both providing a comprehensive training for musical theatre. The first has a full focus on the triple threat – Acting, Dance and Singing. This route has a substantial dance component and would be suitable for those with a strong background in dance. The second also explores the three component areas of Musical Theatre - Acting, Dance and Singing but with a greater emphasis on Singing and a lesser focus on dance. This programme would suit those with a more limited dance background (dance is still important) or those who would like a more intensive singing training. 

Instensive and Practical
The programme is highly practical and provides you with the opportunity to learn through doing. Students will undertake a substantial number of practical dance and other technique classes each week in groups or sub-groups (dependent on which route is being followed). Students will also develop knowledge of the business and broad cultural aspects of the performing arts through a programme of lectures and seminars. As the programme progresses more time will be spent on the rehearsal and stage production projects. Towards the end of the programme you will have considerable autonomy as to the choice and nature of the productions and projects you are involved with. The programme affords you considerable opportunity for creative collaboration with students from other disciplines taught within the Institution. This is a distinctive feature of the IAB.

Future Prospects
Graduates from the BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre programme will have all the key skills required for a sustainable career in the performing arts with a focus on singing, dance, acting and musical theatre. As a graduate, depending on your specialization, you will have the skills, knowledge and ability to find and make work in musical theatre, popular music performance, popular dance, acting for stage and screen, physical theatre, community theatre practice, as well as teaching and education.

Musical Theatre graduates from the Institute of the Arts Barcelona will be in a unique position. Not only will you have refined and defined skills in Musical Theatre, but you will also have the professional knowledge and expertise in a range of other performing arts disciplines. As a graduate, you will be flexible, imaginative and able to seize opportunities and make your own opportunities. 

The degree will also allow you to progress on to further postgraduate / Master degree studies in Europe and the USA.

How To Apply


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