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BA (Hons)

About the Programme
The BA (Hons) in Dance Programme is designed for individuals who wish to follow a highly vocational, broad based, and industry focused training and education programme so as to enable them to become highly creative, employable and empowered professional dancers and dance makers potentially working as:

  • Contemporary/Modern Dance Performers
  • Contemporary/Modern Dance Choreographers
  • Independent Dance Artists
  • Dancers and Performers for Musical Theatre
  • Commercial Dancers
  • Dance Animateurs

The programme develops in its students high levels of technical and creative skill across all the principle performance techniques - particularly ballet, contemporary/modern dance, jazz and commercial dance. The inclusion of acting techniques, singing and voice is to ensure as much flexibility and creative opportunity as possible.

What Makes the IAB BA (Hons) Dance Programme Special?
The programme is designed for individuals with passion, creativity, imagination and a real commitment to gaining and sustaining a lasting career as a performer. The programme provides the student with the opportunity to develop as an individual creative artist who is able to work and thrive in multiple contexts and environments.

The programme aims to create dance artists capable of working, as performers and choreographers across a range of styles and disciplines. The programme does not ultimately dictate a particular approach to performance, but rather gives its students the opportunity to develop as an independently minded creative practitioner with their own relationship to dance and performance.

Distinguishing Features of BA Dance

  • The focus on technique and performance, across a range of dance disciplines (Ballet, Contemporary/Modern, Jazz with Commercial).
  • One-to-one mentorship and coaching.
  • High teacher contact time.
  • Substantial performance opportunities in a variety of settings.
  • The development of individual creative identity as dance artist and choreographer.
  • The integration of performance, creation, technology and entrepreneurship.
  • A showcase presentation for UK and international agents, casting directors, directors and choreographers.
  • Being part of one of Europe's most creative and exciting Institutions with the opportunity to collaborate with artists from across the performing arts.
  • High quality experienced staff with substantial links across the dance sector.
  • The study location in Sitges, Barcelona is one of Europe's most lively cultural and innovative cities.

Overview of Programme Structure
The BA Hons Dance degree is delivered over three years and is made up of 180 European Credits (ECTS) and 360 UK Credits. The degree is fully compliant with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) framework. The figures in brackets below are European Credits.

Course Content Description
The BA (Hons) Dance programme is highly practical and provides its students with the opportunity to learn through doing. Students take multiple dance technique and other practical classes each day (normally between three and five.

Students also develop analytical skills and knowledge of the business and broad cultural aspects of the performing arts through a programme of lectures and seminars.

As the programme progresses more time will be spent on public performance projects in the IAB theatre or elsewhere. Whilst technique classes continue throughout the three years of the degree, in the third year the programme essentially operates as a Dance Company with the creation of a number a major dance performance projects. 

Although the programme is made up of separate units/modules of study the programme as a whole is integrated with different elements of study joining together and feeding into each other.

Core Studies

  • Ballet Technique and Performance
  • Contemporary/Modern Dance Technique and Performance
  • Jazz and Commercial Dance Technique and Performance
  • Choreography
  • Fitness and Health (Injury prevention, complimentary fitness training, applied anatomy)

Complementary Performance Studies

  • Singing and Acting Techniques

Professional Studies

  • Audition Techniques
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Performing Arts Business and Professional Studies
  • Dance History and Analysis

Professional Studies
Central to the success of any programme is the quality of the teaching staff. All the staff who teach on the programme are experts in their field and have had successful careers as performers, choreographers and dance entrepreneurs. All Dance programmes involve a considerable number of visiting and guest artists who are currently dance or creating work with some of the world most prestigious companies and performers.

Resources and Technology
The Institute of the Arts is one of the best-resourced centres for the training and education of professional dancers. The IAB has 11 large dance studios totaling more than1,500m2. Each studio is equipped with sprung floors, ballet barres, mirrors, professional sound systems, piano and are fully air-conditioned. The IAB also has its own professional theatre and a small studio theatre. 

In addition to this the IAB has digital audio facilities (for the making and recording of music), a comprehensive library with computers, and a range of other facilities, which support dance education and training. 

Future Prospects
Graduates from the BA (Hons) in Dance programme will have all the key skills required for a sustainable career in the performing arts with a focus on contemporary, mainstream and popular dance forms. 

Graduates will not only be a creative artists with a substantial portfolio of work behind them, but will also be a professional practitioner with the commercial and networking skills to go out and find work and make their own work. 

As a Dance graduate from the Institute of the Arts they will be in a unique position. Not only will they have refined and defined skills in Dance but will also have professional knowledge and expertise in a range of other performing arts disciplines.

The degree will also allow them to progress on to further postgraduate / Master degree studies in Europe and the USA.

Who Is the Programme For?
The BA (Hons) Dance programme is designed for creative and ambitious dancers / dance artists who are committed to gaining and sustaining a career in dance performance and creation, across a range of performance styles, but principally contemporary and modern dance. 

To be awarded a place on the Dance programme you will need to demonstrate strong dance technical skills, creativity and imagination, passion and determination, leadership skills and very importantly openness to learning and experimentation. 

The programme is designed for students who have had substantial prior experience in dance.

How To Apply


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