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Physical Theatre at the IAB

Please note that the last date for application for this programme is the 1st July.

Audition date for this programme is 28th June at the IAB. To apply please go to Audition page.

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IAB Professional Diploma Physical Theatre
1 Year course. Starts September 2019

The art of Physical Theatre is easily recognised in a host of performance genres such as mime and contemporary circus, clown and comedy work, mask and puppetry.

But Physical Theatre has always had an indispensable role to play in traditional theatre arts too. Whenever a performer uses their body - in movement, gesture, facial expression - to tell a story or communicate an idea to an audience without using words, the skills of Physical Theatre come to the fore.

The IAB's Professional Diploma is designed to allow you to develop your mastery of this art, whether it's to simply broaden and strengthen your theatrical range, or to empower you to make performing and creating Physical Theatre central to your career.

The one-year course teaches you about much more than technique. You will learn by experience how Physical Theatre performance is created, how it can be integrated with other theatrical forms and disciplines. You will be taught how to succeed as an entrepreneur in this important field, knowledge that is key to being able to make your own work and manage your own future.

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