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Dance at the IAB

IAB Contemporary Dance show

IAB Contemporary Dance show

IAB Foundation Dance
1 Year Full-Time

BA (Hons) Commercial Dance
3 Year Full-Time

BA (Hons) Dance
3 Year Full-Time

Learning dance at the highest level demands exceptional discipline, precision and commitment. We believe that when you match your own creativity and imagination to that dedication, it is among the most rewarding of the performing arts. The IAB dance programmes are based on that principle.

The IAB Dance Department encompasses three full-time undergraduate programmes: IAB Foundation Dance, BA (Hons) Commercial Dance and BA (Hons) Dance.

Each is taught in classic conservatoire style, rigorous, intensive and creative. IAB courses are delivered by tutors with a wealth of experience, both as performers and performing arts teachers. Their focus is on helping you develop your technical skills to a professional level, inspiring your creative confidence, and preparing you for a life in Dance.

Take a closer look at the programmes that interest you, find out what you'll learn, how you'll be taught, and the opportunities your course will give you to launch a career in this exceptional field of performance.



Teaching Staff

Jenn Blake
Stefano Rosato

Programme Leaders BA (Hons) Dance

Jennifer Davison
Lecturer in Tap

Alejandro Altamirano
Lecturer in Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Elena Cester
Lecturer in Ballet

Mandi Guidi
Lecturer in Jazz Dance

Lluis Garrido
Lecturer in Tap

Justine Garner
Lecturer in Tap

Sara Colomino
Lecturer in Dance


IAB Dance workshop with Merce Cunningham, Choreoscope and Plato del Cinema