Barcelona Meeting - Make a Move Project

The Barcelona Meeting was the first step of a larger european project Make a Move that is happening thanks to Creative Europe and the involvement of 4 main partners:

Krila- Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Theatre

Galway Theatre Festival

University of Arts Targu-Mures

IAB Institute of the Arts Barcelona

and 6 associate partners:

Poulpe Electrique, Platform 88, ACTS, Workinglifebalance Ltd., Moveo, ToTum TeaTre.


We would like to say THANK YOU one more time with this video to the organizations, institutions, theaters, festivals, artists; speakers and moderators for their time and their incredible support to the event:

Institutions: Sitges - Servei de cultura; EASTAP (European Association for the study of theatre and Performance); Institut Français Barcelone; Graner, Sala Hiroshima, Nau Ivanow; Festival Theatre en Francais Barcelona; Barcelona Solo festival; Choreoscope - International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona. 

Artists: Federica Porello and Xavi Moreno; Pere Faure; Anthony Kmeid; Nacho Cárcaba; Vanessa Castro and Anna Ripoll; Olivier Décriaud; cia Si tu t'imagines; cia PuntMoc; Malpelo Theatre Dance Company; Merce Cunningham Trust; Plato del Cinema Film School.
Moderators: Cecilia Carponi; Aiden Condron; Mirko Ettore D’Agostino; Martin Lewton; Andrew McKinnon; Drew Mulligan; Lorand Janos; Alicia R Campi;  Julie Hargreaves; Valentina Temussi; Dasha Lavrennikov; Armando Rotondi.

Speakers: Josette Ferral; Anna Sica; Andrés Corchero; Andrew Sherlock; Ivana Peranic.


Rosie Alexander