IAB participates in ReciclArt 2019 - recycling and responsable art festival

Once again the IAB is happy to be taking part in the wonderful recycling and responsible art festival ReciclArt in Sitges, by collecting and donating plastic caps and bags for the art pieces, as well as eliminating one use plastic from the IAB, promoting reusing and recycling.

ReciclArt festival art exhibition will take place at the Miramar Cultural Center, from June 6 to 30, 2019. The festival also holds activities for everyone including beach clean-ups, recycling games for kids and workshops ‘sewing the sea of plastic’.

For more information and the festival programme visit: http://www.sitgesreciclart.com/blog/en/home/

“Less is more:
Less plastic in the sea, more health for everyone

Every day we are more those who collect plastics on the beaches as a living example that in some way our activity has not been in vain. In addition, the mere fact that the recollection has transformed what until then had been rubbish into artistic works, that some of these works have provoked a smile in more than one of us; and by these works these residues have recovered their lost dignity after accidentally finishing their journey with no return on our shores, gives reason enough to continue in this way to obtain fruit from creativity – thanks to the above-mentioned, the residues that reach our shores in the future will no longer be the same nor will be regarded in the same way and this is what gives our work as a whole a meaning.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from: welcome.
Sitges ReciclArt is waiting for you.

The programming of this edition is the continuity of the anterior and the result of the progressive changes realized over what has been achieved to improve in a concrete manner the first object. So what was our goal yesterday is where our next aim, which is the same as always: visualize marine contamination by plastics with creativity´s own language.

With its headquarters in the Centro Cultural Miramar, this festival offers a varied programme of activities for all publics. The Sitges ReciclArt Exposition which presents a selection of works of responsible art creators, the creation of an Installation of Collective Art on the occasion of the World Oceans Day and the local fiesta of Sitges, Corpus 18, reusing plastics that the sea sends back to the beaches, and new meetings open to the participation of creators, entities and public in general. No action is more important than another, but many small actions create a larger action that favors everyone. No matter how small a concrete action, the more significant it is than the most brilliant of an abstract action. It is the daily actions that create change and generate a new way of doing.

The planet is everyone´s responsibility

Rosie Alexander