IAB Honorary Fellow Giovanni Meola

The IAB is pleased to welcome Giovanni Meola, Honorary Fellow for 2019, who is also delivering a masterclass for selected students of the BA Acting 3rd Year. 

Giovanni Meola is a playwright, script-writer, theatre and film director, teacher, and artistic director for festival and theatre season. His dramatic production include work in language and dialect, many of them translated into English, French, Spanish and German. After the initial years, he created in 2003 his company “Virus teatrali”, that became a prominent name in the independent theatre environment, producing new writing show and repertoire theatre, including, e.g, Moliere or Cechov whose “Three Sister” was completely re-elaborate by Meola, however respecting the original text. In 2016, his work “The day of the degree” premiered at the Italian National Theatre with his own directing, and after this experience an academic book edited by the National Theatre has been published. Many other academic contributions on Giovanni has been published in peer-reviewed journals or in books. In 2017, a volume with his “Theatre” appeared, edited by Armando Rotondi, who has been also the official translator into English of his “Sulfonamides”, a solo play dedicated to the Argentinian “desaparecidos” and set during the 1978 Football World Cup in Argentina and particularly during the match England vs Italy.

In 2018, “The Trilogy of Indignation” by world-wide known Catalan playwright Esteve Soler premiered at the NTI Festival, one of the main in Europe, directed Giovanni Meola and for the first time staged as a complete trilogy. This has been a project created during the first visit of Giovanni in October 2017, directing the MA Acting students in two rehearsed readings - The man with the flower in his mouth”, a masterpiece by Nobel Prize laureate Luigi Pirandello, and “Love can be cruel” by Meola himself - after an intensive five-day master-class. In the same period he was protagonist of a Q&A with the third and second year BA Acting students.Then, he came back in April 2018, to support and advice the MA Acting of that academic year in their research project practice. With many of them he is still in contact establishing international collaborations and continuing advising them in their career.

This academic year, he came earlier for this graduation in order to deliver a free master-class in Acting for selected BA Acting students, focusing on one of the most famous monologues by great artist Franca Rame

Rosie Alexander