Storyboard Art at the IAB with Giuseppe Cristiano

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is pleased to host the Q&A and Webinar with prominent storyboard artist and designer Giuseppe Cristiano, on the 21th and 22nd of May at 2pm, within the MA programmes in Acting and Dance and the BA in Popular Music.


Giuseppe Cristiano is one of the most important and famous storyboard artist internationally, who has worked all over the world for more than twenty years. He collaborates with many advertising agencies, but his experience also includes films, live performing arts, animation and games. With his storyboards he has participated at the music video production for Radiohead, Madonna, Moby, Roxette and many others with pioneering directors like Jonas Åkerlund and Johan Renck. He has worked with prestigious DoP like Hoyte Van Hoytema (director of photography for Insterstellar, Her, The Fighter), as well as on the TV series CSI: NY and Six Feet Under, on the fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. In videogames he has produced the storyboards for Mad Max: Fury Road – based on George Miller’s movie – the upcoming Spider-Man and The Walking Dead. Thousands are his collaborations for advertising, such as The Epic Split, the Volvo commercial with Jean Claude Van Damme, and the Evian’s Spider-Man spot.

In 1998 he opened a storyboard school in Stockholm, first in a library and then online. Since that year, he has published eight manuals in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Swedish, some of which are still being used in universities and film schools worldwide. Among his books the seminal The Storyboard Artist, released in 2011 in the United States.

His last book is Il Visualizer, published by Italian Caracò Edizioni.


The Q&A has been organized by Armando Rotondi, Mirko Ettore D’Agostino and Stefano Rosato, together with the essential support of Emanuele Tirelli.

Mark Lethem