Webinar with Anna-Clara Blixt Modin, Founder and Chairman of Stagepool AB

The IAB is very pleased to host a webinar at MA Acting and MA Dance with an exceptional international guest: Anna-Clara Blixt Modin, Founder and Chairman of StagePool AB

Anna-Clara Blixt Modin; entrepreneur and artist, trained as a musical artist at Kulturama in Stockholm, and has performed in musicals as well as feature films and TV. 

She has studied at Stockholm University and at the University of Vienna.

Together with Spotlight, StagePool is the main portal worldwide for casting and jobs in performing arts (dance, theatre, film, singing, and music). Originally based in Sweden, it has now spread all around Europe (Scandinavian Countries, Germany, Austria, UK and others).

With Anna-Clara Blixt Modin, students will discuss opportunities in performing arts, performing arts business, how to market oneself and related topics.

The webinar has been organised within the Arts Entrepreneurship module at the MA, by Armando Rotondi, Associate Professor in Performance Theory and Programme , Leader for the MA Acting, and Freya Treutmann, IAB´s representative Germany.

The session is on Thursday 24th January, at 14.10 in the Board Room.

Mark Lethem