Monlogue for Actress MA Acting workshop

From Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th April, The IAB will host actor, director and writer Claudio Boschi for a series of workshops on “Monologue for actress” for the MA Acting programme. Specifically the workshops titles “Children are Children”, took its inspiration from the classical “Filumena Marturano” by Neapolitan playwright Eduardo De Filippo, in the two translation into English by Eric Bentley and Carlo Ardito. The character of Filumena has been interpreted on the English stage by prominent actresses such as Joan Plowright - in the staging directed by Franco Zeffirelli with Laurence Olivier and Frank Finlay - and Judi Dench in a version directed by Peter Hall.

Claudio Boschi theatre productions, also include “To play!” at the Teatro Festival Italia, the main theatre festival in Italy, where he will be also protagonist in the next production in July 2018, with “Celeste” by Fabio Pisano. One of his plays, “Scacco”, has was recently published in 2017.


The workshop has been organized and supervised by Armando Rotondi, Programme Leader for the MA Acting at IAB, in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute of Barcelona, INIT and Naples City Council.

Mark Lethem