IAB Health Week

Last week at IAB we had the first edition of the IAB Health Week, led by Isabel Artigues, head of the IAB health clinic. The Health Week at the IAB is a special extra curricula event to promote health & well-being in the performing arts and give students and staff tools to use during the holidays ahead.

The IAB is committed to advancing the health and well-being of students at IAB and is part of IAB Student Welfare provision led by Emma Groves-Raines, The health and welfare of our students is key for the successful achievement of their relevant courses (BA, 1YP, MA) as well for the longevity of their future careers!

During the week we have been raising awareness and discussion around a few topics relevant to the performing arts:
o    Nutrition & Mental Health
o    Fitness & Conditioning, Stretching
o    Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Reflexology 
o    Voice health & Breathing
We have had some great feedback and are excited to hear it's been a success and look forward to more editions of the IAB Health Week. A great way to wind down from an intense academic year.

If you have any questions around the Health Services available at IAB please email health@iabarcelona.es and we will be glad to help.

Mark Lethem