Guest Lecture on Mask and Ancient Theatre

IAB will host an academic guest lecture/seminar for the students of BA Acting and MA Dance on the topics: “The Origin of the Mask before Commedia dell’Arte: the Characters of Ancient Farce”, with Prof. Elena Scuotto, on Thursday 23th February 2017 in Studio 5.

Prof. Elena Scuotto has taught Classics at the University “Federico II” of Naples for more than 25 years. At the same University she has been a member of the Academic Senate and University Councils. She has been author of several books and articles on classical literature and culture, with a specific focus on the Latin culture of the origin and terminology. She has also been researching on Plautus’ theatre in Urbino and been an editorial board member for prominent journals.

Organizers and moderators of the seminar are Armando Rotondi (Performance Thoery) and Valentina Temussi (Movement and Body).

Mark Lethem