Actor Vincenzo Liguori at IAB

The IAB is privileged to have M° Vincenzo Liguori visit the IAB this week (10-14 January), as a guest of Dr Armando Rotondi (Lecturer in Performance Theory, History and Criticism), delivering a special class to the 1st-Year BA Students in Acting for the “Landscape Theatre” module on Thursday 12th January.

Vincenzo Liguori is an actor, director and theatre manager. He graduated from the Elicantropo Theatre Academy (Naples), one of the most prominent Italian theatre schools, under the supervision of director Carlo Cerciello and actress Imma Villa. His training, in continual development through courses and workshops at: “Scuola Nazionale di Cinema – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” with Alessio Clemente; “Centro Teatrale Umbro” with Michele Monetta, director of the “ICRA Project – International Centre for the Research on the Actor” and former-pupil of Etienne Decroux; “Milano Film Academy” with Luca Ward. He has also participated other projects, such as The Pellican by August Strindberg, directed by Orlando Cinque, and The blind by Maurice Maeterlinck, with Massimo Finelli. 

As a versatile actor, he is particularly active in independent and experimental theatre. Among his recent activity as interpreter and performer: “Fesserie”, 2013 (Rif. Puracultura, Anno 1, numero 14); “Signurì Signurì” by playwright Enzo Moscato, at the Teatro Elicantropo; “Il cielo di Palestina”, directed by Carlo Cerciello with Omar Suleiman e Imma Villa, Teatro Elicantropo, 2015; “Ricordi del Mussa Dagh” by Franz Werfel, adapted by Armando Rotondi, at the Teatro Il Primo (2015) with the partnership of the Embassy of Armenia in Italy, Goethe-Institut, Forum Austriaco di Cultura, and in the international programme of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Medz Yeghern; “L’uomo dal fiore in bocca” by Luigi Pirandello, 2016.

He runs the independent Theatre Tenax (ex-Ferro 3).

Vincenzo Liguori will also rehearse the monologue “Diario di un pazzo” by Chinese author Lu Xun, that will be directed by Armando Rotondi in Naples (Italy) in February 2017.

The visit of Liguori has been organized thanks to IDEA – Intercultural Development of Environment and Arts (Naples) and “Ad Est del Mondo – Teatri e Storie da Orizzonti Vicini” (Naples), with the partnership of INIT – International Network of Italian Theatre (UK) and the special patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute in Barcelona.

Mark Lethem