Josep Maria Esteban and the Agrupació de Balls Populars de Sitges at the IAB

An important event linking the Institute of Arts Barcelona with it´s hometown of Sitges is the upcoming talk with Josep Maria Esteban of the Agrupació de Balls Populars de Sitges, scheduled for Thursday the 17th November at 11.00.

As a guest lecturer in the Performance Theory module for the IAB´s MA in Dance, specifically in performance and dance anthropology, Josep Maria Esteban will present a talk titled “Between Performance and Rituals: Folk Dance as Group Identity”.

The role of tradition and reinterpretation of folk dance will be analysed and discussed, as well as video footage of Catalan traditional dance such as; “Ball de Cabecuts”, the “Balll de Diables”, the “Gegants Moros” and the Moixiganga.

The talk is an exciting opportunity for the IAB and the Agrupació de Balls Populars de Sitges to establish new and exciting partnership in the field of performing arts.

Moderator of the talk will be Dr Armando Rotondi, Lecturer in Performance Theory and History, and it will be translated from Catalan into English by Connie Boon.

Mark Lethem