"Being the first 3rd year at the IAB" by Courtney Griffiths

"Wow, we’ve done it! I never actually thought when I started what I would feel like or be like when I reached third year, I was so focused on just enjoying the moment with all these new people I had met in my new home of Sitges; and now it’s here.

Third year. I can’t decide whether I’m scared or excited… I think I’m both. My first two years here at the IAB have exceded everything I expected. I’ve had ups and downs; challenges that I once thought were impossible yet I reached and the best part, I’ve created some incredible memories that will stay with me forever.

When I received my acceptance letter to the IAB I was unsure of what to feel, this school seemed like something out a dream with it beautiful campus, its location, the teachers and the lifestyle I would be inhabiting. You couldn’t not be drawn to it! But I was also very apprehensive as I had nothing to go from as I would be the first year to ever graduate with a BA honours.

It took a lot of thought but there was something inside me that had this feeling that the IAB would pull it through for me, and it totally has. The teachers excel everything I ever expected and the programme is so jam packed and full on that you just don’t get a minute to breathe. I know to some people this sounds like hell but me it’s been amazing.

I have pushed myself and my body to do things that I never thought I would be able to do. The difference I can see in myself from when I stepped into the building on day one to now is like two completely different people.

So after two years of hard work it now feels like the time to have fun. (Of course still working hard.) But it’s almost as if the training is done and now we are ‘Professional performers’ putting on three shows and a showcase in the 10 months we have left at IAB. Sounds crazy!!!!

Professional Performers… never thought I’d actually get there. But we are so close and all the staff at the IAB are doing everything they possibly can to prepare us all to go out into the dog eat dog world of musical theatre, the one we’ve all dreamt about for years. And now it’s here, and I’m not worried at all because I know and trust in the IAB and its faculty; that they are going to be sending out 24 professional standard BA musical theatre performers. There’s exciting times ahead, so watch this space because IAB students are ready to take on anything."

By Courtney Griffiths

Mark Lethem