A Critique on Against Love by Elisa Sartor, PhD

"Against Love by Catalan playwright Esteve Soler is a great episodic play with some excellent parts that reach real levels of Theatre of the Absurd. The showcase presented by BA Acting 3rd-Year students of the Institute of the Arts Barcelona and directed by Pep Garcia-Pascual at Sala Tantarantana in Barcelona, is not at all the classical performance you might expect to be staged by an academic institution or a conservatoire. The players that were performing were true actors and not just simple artists-in-training or students. They demonstrated real maturity and no doubt are destined to become high-level professionals of their art form. A more than successful debut in Barcelona.

Elisa Sartor is Research Fellow at the University of Verona and co-director of “Mise en Abyme. International Journal of Comparative Literature and Arts”. She has been guest of Armando Rotondi, Lecturer of Performance Theory, History and Criticism at the IAB."

By Elisa Sartor

Mark Lethem