Zary Santino

Since graduating, Zary Santino has worked in theatre and performance (‘CapTots’ by Erick Beltrán at the Barcelona Gallery Weekend, ‘Transhumanism’ in Epicalab with La Fura dels Baus, ‘Contra l'Amor’ by Esteve Soler in Atic 22 Tantarantana, ‘Un Albergue Nada Cool’ in Microteatre Barcelona), as well as in cinema (various short films for students of ESCAC, FX Animation, Bande À Part, EMAV), video clips (‘Barcelona’ - Pectus, ‘Saturday's Lonely Girl’ - Speaker Cabinets), radio (Barcelona City FM - From Far Away Radio Drama), children's entertainment and dubbing ( ‘The Flaming Shakers’ and ‘The Beatles for Children’) and modeling (Grisart International School of Photography) She also made and directed her first short film ‘Minutes’, which was a finalist in the Notodofilmfestival this 2019.
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