Liv Aira

Liv Aira graduated from Institute of The Arts Barcelona in 2018 with a Masters in dance and choreography. From 2014-2017 she studied BA (Hons) in Dance also at the IAB. Liv is the founder and artistic director of the "Invisible people contemporary dance company" where the aim is to make suppressed groups in society visible through art and dance. She is also currently president of the dance company "Danskollektivet Ronny" and dancer in the sami dance company "Dansrajden" by Ola Stinnerbom. Latest work On March 2020 she choreographed her own production, Áttega its a dance and joik production inspired by my MA project. Based on the Sami culture, the indigenous people of Northern Scandinavia. here is the trailer: "Ájttega, ”The ancestors” in lulesami language, is a dance and joik production that invites the audience to Sápmi. A performance based on the artists personal stories. The Samis, a people that wants to preserve their land Sápmi, the nature to the future generations. Ájttega is a performance that percents Sápmis culture in a new way, with respect for its history and tradition." ‘Vem är Ronny?’ Dancer, 2019, contemporary production for 9-12 year, by Danskollektivet Ronny, choreographer Sophia Örnell, Sweden.’ ‘Mannem Vuajnah’ Dancer, 2019, sami contemporary dance production for adults, choreographed by Marika Renhuvud, currently touring Sweden and Norway. 2019.03.22 Dance and choreographerr, ‘Luorkijdit’, cultural performance on the World Water day, yoik by Elin Teilus, Swedish water house, Stockholm, Sweden. ‘Iellemij- to life’ Guest dancer, CD release 2019 Elin Teilus with band, Ája, Jokkmokk, Sweden. ‘Tjuavuoh Mujna’ Dancer, 2019 With Grammisnominated Sara Ajnnak live TV SVT2 “Samernas nationaldag”, Jokkmokk, Sweden. ‘Ságŋadit' Dancer, 2019 With Nina Nordvall Vahlberg, 5 pop up dance and yoik performances, site specific based performances, supported by KUPP and Sparbanken Nord, Jokkmokk, Sweden. ‘Jokkmokk winter market opening’, Dancer, 2019 On snow stage to Nina Nordvall Vahlbergs yoik, Jokkmokk, Sweden. ‘Maddu’ Dancer, 2018 – 2019 A Sami dance production including contemporary dance, live performed and self-written text and improvisation, by Petra Howard, Stockholm and Sundsvall, Sweden. ‘Ljuset’ Dancer and choreographer, 2018.12.08 Solo, arranged by Anna Sjöberg, Sami Duodji, Jokkmokk, Sweden. ‘Us as One’ Choreographer, 2018.06.05 Opening of Gay Pride with contemporary piece, Sitges, Spain.
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