Carla Hernando

In 2018 Carla collaborated with La Fura dels Baus in their ‘Èpica’ Foundation in a show called ‘Informació VS Memòria’ as well as a production assistant for their well-known show ‘Porn is On’ in the TNT Terrassa Festival.

In January 2019 she joined the theatre and audiovisual company ‘La Puta Precària’ and they have shot the pilot chapter for a new web series.

She also appeared in ‘Sala Barts’ in a cabaret called ‘ Le Vestibule des Artistes” and at Eòlia Theatre with the ‘Keep it Kutre’ production.

Carla is teaching in personal growth, creativity, body awareness and movement at AMTH in Barcelona.

She also co-founded theatre company La Contrària, along side Meri Anglès and IAB Acting Alumni Marta Bessa.

Based in Barcelona, La Contrària takes its roots in physical theatre – with projects such as Morle and La Estela de Lilth, we can’t wait to see what these ladies will do next!

Carla has worked along side directors Pep Garcia-Pascual and Rob Watt, and theatre companies such as Parking Shakespeare, Projecte Ingeny and AuMents danza-teatro.

Currently Carla is working on the upcoming Workshow Información VS Memoria with La Fundación Épica, as well as projects within La Contraria.

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