Isidro Ridout

I suppose I started developing an interest in performing at a pretty young age, but I didn't start dancing until I was 15 years old. I started taking a weekly class with Rhythm Junkiez School of Dance based in Birmingham, before I decided to take dance at college. During that time I gained a passion for contemporary dance and especially for choreography. Looking back on my life now, I can remember trying to set up a dance crew on more than one occasion, with my closest friends. I didn't have any experience, but I think I've always known that I wanted to be a choreographer. I took a gap year after failing to get into my top choice of university, and during this time I trained with RDC Youth dance company, and with Hi Bris Dance Studio. Halfway through my gap year I found an advert for IAB on facebook, and decided to follow my gut instinct. I didn't realise at the time, but that decision opened the door to some of the best experiences and memories I'll ever have. At IAB I got to take part in some incredible opportunities. In first year I co-choreographed a number for our first ever show, with Nicolette Whitley.

In second year I successfully auditioned for the REDKEN Hair Symposium Tour 2016, where I performed a solo choreographed by Bonnie Story (High School Musical Franchise). In Third year I think I emerged as a choreographer, which led to three unique pieces of choreography, "#SQUAD", "Halo" and "Walking Dead".

After graduating with a 1st, I'm not entirely sure what my short term plan is. I have just finished working at Disney and am now off to London to continue to train and look for my next dance opportunity. What I do know is that one day I'm going open my own dance company, which I hope to build into a performing arts school, quite similar to IAB. I want to be able to teach, to inspire and to rebuild the dance industry as we know it.


Alice Wood