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Institute of the Arts Barcelona


Student Support and Accommodation

For many new students, joining a course at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona will be their first experience of living away from home, and for most it will be the first time they have gone to live in a foreign country. It’s a big step that will be filled with excitement, but it’s a step that should also be taken with security and confidence.


IAB’s Student Services are ready to help you ease into your new life here. We can help you with accommodation — there are plenty of accommodation options near the Institute. Most first-year students live in the Utopia student hostel which is only seven minutes’ walking distance from the campus, it is affordable and has a friendly ‘home away from home’ atmosphere.

Our support staff are here to help find the right accommodation or even help find a flatmate to share with. If Spanish is a weak point, we can help with issues such as getting a mobile phone or opening a bank account.

We take our students’ physical and mental health seriously. Dancers especially can be prone to injury and most students at some stage will feel stressed or may experience psychological issues. Money problems, course difficulties, accommodation worries or even problems with friends or family are all issues that need to be shared and talked about in confidence.

The IAB  offers a full-time, in-house counselling service for students, and will also quickly direct you to appropriate medical care and support if you are going through a difficult time.

Most of all we are here to help make the time spent at the Institute happy and fulfilling. We are a small institution and caring community, which means we are able to provide holistic care to all our students.