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An Innovation in Performing Arts Education

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is internationally recognised as a leading performing arts institution dedicated to inspiring and training the next generation of performance artists.

The IAB offers a conservatoire style vocational education and training at Foundation, BA, MA and PhD levels and currently attracts students from over 30 different countries around the globe.

The IAB is an integrated and multidisciplinary performing arts institution working across acting, dance, musical theatre, contemporary circus arts, voice and singing.

Institute of the Arts Barcelona


The rigorous, interdisciplinary and transformative programmes are designed to provide an intensive and well-rounded vocational education, giving students the tools they need for a for a lasting international career in the performing arts

The IAB´s success has been built on a vision to create an environment where talented young performers from all over the world can collaborate to develop their skills and art. With have wonderful facilities in a fantastic location, we are especially proud of the staff and students who have made the IAB such a vibrant and supportive place. If you would like to know more about us please visit us at our campus, visit us at a fair, watch our shows, or look at our social media for an insight into our dynamic world.



The IAB Experience

An International Staff of Professionals

The IAB teaching staff are directly connected to the entertainment and performing arts industry and bring their knowledge, insight, professional connections and fresh approaches into our studios and theatres.  The full time academic staff are supported by masterclasses from a broad range of current theatre practitioners and industry-leading professionals.

Under the care and guidance of these experts, students flourish and grow artistically.

An Inspiring Location

Institute of the Arts Barcelona is based in the cosmopolitan coastal town of Sitges,  just 30 minutes away from the vibrant city of Barcelona. Sitges is famous for its beautiful old town, its many beaches and cultural activities and quality of life. It has long been a haven for artists and is home to an international film festival as well as many people from around the world with performing arts connections.


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Creative Campus

The Institute is housed in a unique and stunning campus . Investment in an extensive refurbishment programme has harnessed the building’s creative potential, giving our students access to state-of-the-art facilities that include a 200-seat theatre, world-class dance studios, rehearsal studios, music practice rooms,  library and cafeteria offering homemade healthy food.


Student Support and Accommodation

For many of our incoming students, attending the Institute of the Arts Barcelona will be their first time living away from home and for most it will be the first time they are living in a foreign country. It’s a big step—one that should be filled with excitement but also security.


Student Services are ready to help you ease into life here. We can help you with accommodation — there are plenty of accommodation options near the Institute. Most first year students live in the Utopia student hostel which is only 7 minutes walking distance and has a friendly home away from home atmosphere. Our support staff are here to help find the right accommodation or even help find a flat mate to share with. If Spanish is a weak point, we can help with issues such as getting a mobile phone or opening a bank account.

We take students physical and mental health seriously. Dancers especially can be prone to injury and most students at some stage will feel stressed or may experience psychological issues. Money problems, course difficulties, accommodation worries or even problems with friends or family are all issues that need to be shared and talked about. The IAB  offers counselling service and can also direct the student to appropriate medical care and support if they are going through a difficult time.

Most of all we are here to help make the time spent at the Institute a happy and fulfilling time. We are a small and specialized institution which means we are able to provide holistic care to all our students.

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Welcome to the IAB! As you will discover this is a truly exciting and wonderful place to work and study.

Giles Auckland-Lewis, Principal


We are frequently visited by leading professionals from the performing arts and they all, without exception, comment on one thing – the positive atmosphere and culture within the IAB.

We strongly believe that for students to reach their potential they must feel supported and appreciated as individuals . We strive to make the IAB a happy place where staff and students can grow safely into the people and artists they want to be.

In developing the IAB we were very aware that performing arts training and education is a multi-faceted activity. All our programmes develop their students in four key ways; as creative artists, as technically skilled performers, as arts entrepreneurs and as individuals able to contribute fully to the world.

The IAB is an integrated arts institution. Students on our programmes have the unique opportunity to work with other students across the full range of the performing arts reflecting best practice in the professional world. 

We are also integrated in another way. The IAB provides both an intense vocational training and a University level education (at both BA and MA). All of the dedicated and professional teaching staff at the IAB believe that for creative artists to thrive in the world they need more than practical skills, they need to have a profound understanding of the conceptual frameworks, which underpin the arts.

We are a young institution but we are already making our mark. We have become established as one of Europe´s most dynamic and progressive institutions and our graduates are working across the world as actors, musical theatre performers, singers and theatre makers.

Come and see us. Once you have crossed our threshold you will know what makes us special!

IAB Health

IAB Health is the on-site performing arts physiotherapy & health centre within the premises of the Institute of Arts Barcelona. We are here to assess and provide on-site treatment to the students in order to ensure they have health support throughout their degree.

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At IAB we are committed to delivering the best onsite care at affordable prices, and alongside the range of appointments available at IAB Health we have also launched Health Membership, this has been specifically designed to help dance and musical theatre students keep injury-free and maintain optimum performance.