Guest Musical Director Matt Abrams

‌ We are thrilled to have Matt Abrams working with the second year musical theatre students in the fun-loving musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Along side Head of Musical Theatre Nikki Laurence, Matt Abrams is pushing the students to vocal excellency, debuting the show this Friday and Saturday at 16:00 & 20:00. […]

Acting News

‌ Cristina Giordana from Barcelona´s Teatre Akademia at the IAB The IAB is privileged to have Cristina Giordana, Management Director of international Teatre Akademia is a guest at the IAB on Thursday 9th February. On this occasion, Cristina Giordana is also a guest in “The Good Soul of Szechuan”, staged by the 3rd-Year Acting Students […]

Guest Lecture on Mask and Ancient Theatre

‌ IAB will host an academic guest lecture/seminar for the students of BA Acting and MA Dance on the topics: “The Origin of the Mask before Commedia dell’Arte: the Characters of Ancient Farce”, with Prof. Elena Scuotto, on Thursday 23th February 2017 in Studio 5. Prof. Elena Scuotto has taught Classics at the University “Federico […]

IAB Partner in International Theatre Production Directed by Vincenzo Liguori and Armando Rotondi

‌ IAB is partner in the production of the monologue “Diary of a Madman” written by Chinese author Lu Xun, considered as the father of modern Chinese literature. Inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s homonymous short story, “Diary of a Madman” show us the paranoia of a madman, who sees cannibalism both in his family and the […]

Actor Vincenzo Liguori at IAB

‌ The IAB is privileged to have M° Vincenzo Liguori visit the IAB this week (10-14 January), as a guest of Dr Armando Rotondi (Lecturer in Performance Theory, History and Criticism), delivering a special class to the 1st-Year BA Students in Acting for the “Landscape Theatre” module on Thursday 12th January. Vincenzo Liguori is an […]

Master of Life

‌ by Jessica Hallam In undertaking a Masters Degree in Dance at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona I can truly say that within a few months, I felt the inspirations and vibrancy from colleagues and professors, as well a wave of inspiration for my artistic imagination thanks to the surrounding community. As one of […]

La vida de un estudiante en el IAB – David Martin

‌ Ya han pasado cuatro años desde que empecé mi aventura en el IAB. Ahora estoy en mi último año de carrera y el tiempo ha pasado volando. Han sido unos años muy intensos. Siempre estás constantemente viviendo nuevas experiencias, tanto dentro del IAB como fuera. Me acuerdo cuando empecé en el Foundation de Acting […]

A Critique on Against Love

‌ by Elisa Sartor, PhD Against Love by Catalan playwright Esteve Soler is a great episodic play with some excellent parts that reach real levels of Theatre of the Absurd. The showcase presented by BA Acting 3rd-Year students of the Institute of the Arts Barcelona and directed by Pep Garcia-Pascual at Sala Tantarantana in Barcelona, […]

The People I’ve Met and How They’ve Changed Me

‌ If I am being completely honest, IAB is an amazing place because of how it teaches you to appreciate an individual. IAB and its location teaches you social skills to deal with almost anyone you come in contact with in a respectful manner. Since arriving in Sitges, I have built professional and personal relationships […]

Working with Pep Garcia Pascual

‌ The 3rd year acting students are really thrilled to work with director Pep Garcia-Pascual. Thanks to him, they can experience working as a company where actors also take on production roles. Pep founded his own company in Barcelona, Parking Shakespeare, and since then they have been performing non-stop. Working with him was the perfect […]

Mandy Ellen at IAB

‌ The IAB had the privilege of having Mandy Ellen, principal of Mandy Ellen Performing Arts, in our studios last week. The Musical Theatre students felt inspired and extremely grateful for their time spent with this highly ambitious professional. Mandy Ellen’s Biography Mandy has been dancing since the age of 3 and has studied all […]

Vocal Process

‌ Last December, the second year students of the BA Musical Theatre course at the IAB had the great opportunity to attend a two-day workshop on vocal technique and acting through song, by the voice experts Dr. Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of ‘Vocal Process’. Gillyanne is a writer, researcher, teacher and singing voice expert. […]

IAB Review By Rosa Landers, BA Acting

‌ Ich habe immer gedacht: “Für Schauspiel muss ich nicht studieren!”. Es kann auch auch klappen. Als Quereinsteiger. Das alles halte ich auch immernoch für möglich…allerdings gibt es bestimme Dinge, die man nicht lernen würde, zudem ist es extrem einfach, sich Schauspieler zu nennen und in Wirklichkeit faulenzt man und guckt endlos Filme…. Es war […]

Author of Against Love, Esteve Soler at IAB

‌ The IAB was privileged to have Esteve Soler visit the IAB last week to see how the rehearsals for his play, Against Love, were going. The BA (Hons) Acting students, in their 3rd year of training will be performing the play at Sala Tantarantana, Atic 22 from the 15th to the 17th December 2016. […]

Against Love

‌ Show: Against Love Venue: Institute of the Arts, Barcelona Date & Times: 15th, 16th & 17th December at 18:00 & 20:30 Price: 10€ Adults & 5€ Children Ticket Sales: Els alumnes del tercer curs d’interpretació de l’IAB (Institute of the Arts Barcelona)es traslladen per primer cop a Barcelona per representar Contra l’amor, dirigits […]