An Innovation in
Performing and Recording Arts Education

An International Institute for the Performing and Recording Arts

Founded in 2013, the Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a dynamic institute uniquely positioned to offer international performing and recording arts higher education in Europe. Students from all over the world benefit from our top-level professional teaching staff and UK university validated education in a stunning location on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Our rigorous, interdisciplinary and transformative programmes are specially designed to provide an intensive and well-rounded vocational education. We offer 1 year Foundation Certificates, 3 year BA (Hons) and 1 year MA Degrees in a variety of performing and recording arts disciplines.

IAB at a Glance

Year Founded 2013
Location Sitges, Spain (map, photo gallery)
Affiliation Private
Validation Liverpool John Moores University
Programmes (download prospectus)
(*) Programme subject to validaiton
Students Attending from 30+ countries
Student Body 250
Teaching Staff 24 (view profiles)
Resources (view gallery)
  • 10 Modern Dance Studios
  • 2 Acting Studios
  • Music Rooms
  • Theatre with 200 seats
  • Café
  • Library
  • Physio Room
  • Enclosed Campus
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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is an important part of human endeavour and experience, this is especially true for those in the creative industries. The Institute of the Arts Barcelona views diversity and inclusion as a critical part of learning— interdisciplinary education, being part of different types of thinking, culture and socio-economic backgrounds—that goes toward creating a well-rounded, socially and culturally rich society.

As society changes, social issues such as identity and culture change at an ever faster rate. As artists, it is those very issues that are part and parcel of the creative artist’s profession. The ability to understand, appreciate and utilise the attributes of a diverse society and changing culture is the hallmark of an international career.

As an educational institution that fully supports diversity and inclusion, the Institute of the Arts Barcelona evolves with a changing world. Our students benefit from this by learning in a conservatory environment with a rich multi-cultural student body, teaching staff and administrative staff.

Giles Auckland-Lewis, Principal

Our educational approach to performing and recording arts education places the emphasis on rigorous, interdisciplinary programmes that build core skills. At the same time, as an institution, we constantly test your character, resolve and passion. You’ll focus on your chosen discipline from day one and will be transformed, during your course, from an aspiring performing or recording arts student into an international artist and entrepreneur who is thoroughly prepared for all aspects of professional life. Read more about our core values and beliefs:

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona Experience

The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a place to learn, train and grow in a diverse and inclusive environment. Interdisciplinary learning makes the Institute of the Arts Barcelona a unique and transformative educational choice.

Whatever your chosen discipline, you will be studying alongside other dedicated students who share your commitment and passion. We have an innovative interdisciplinary approach to vocational higher education: you will collaborate, discuss and work with people in other, but related, disciplines — and you will learn together and from each other.

A diverse college community that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue produces sophisticated, thinking practitioners and citizens. The Institute supports this diversity at all levels, from the student body to the teaching staff and administration team.

An International Teaching Staff of Professionals

Our teaching staff are all professionals with outstanding experience in their respective areas of expertise. As international practitioners and qualified academics, they have worked at the highest level across the world and have taught at some of the most prestigious performing and recording arts institutions.

They are directly connected to the demanding entertainment arts industry and bring their knowledge, insight, professional connections and fresh approaches into our studios and classrooms. Under the care and guidance of these experts, students will have the opportunity to flourish and grow artistically. View teaching staff profiles here.

A Place for Creative Energy

The Institute is housed in a unique and stunning building with a fascinating past – the building was designed and purpose-built by Audi, with creativity in mind, as their European design headquarters.

Our extensive refurbishment programme has harnessed the building’s creative potential, giving our students access to state-of-the-art facilities that include a 200-seat theatre, world-class dance studios, rehearsal studios, music practice rooms, and a library – not to mention an onsite café with ample social spaces.

A Nurturing Environment

Situated half an hour from the centre of Barcelona, Sitges is one of Spain’s jewels. Originally a small fishing village, in the 19th century it became a centre for counter-culture and the arts. Sitges has the largest street carnival in mainland Europe, is home to a major international film festival and has five substantial museums and galleries. It is a modern and exciting town with an excellent nightlife, but retains much of its original charm as a small coastal Catalan town.

Sitges is the perfect campus town. The cost of living is cheaper than the European norm, there is a wide choice of affordable accommodation and miles of beautiful beaches. Sitges has excellent public services, such as health and public transport. Due to its international popularity, English is widely spoken in banks, doctors’ surgeries, shops and bars.

Student Support and Accommodation

For many of our incoming students, attending the Institute of the Arts Barcelona will be their first time living away from home and for most it will be the first time they are living in a foreign country. It’s a big step—one that should be filled with excitement but also security.

Student Services are ready to help you ease into life here. We can help you with accommodation — there are plenty of accommodation options near the Institute. Most first year students live in the Utopia student hostel which is only 7 minutes walking distance and has a friendly home away from home atmosphere.

We take health very seriously. Dancers especially can be prone to injury and most students at some stage will feel stressed or may experience psychological issues. Money problems, course difficulties, accommodation worries or even problems with friends or family are all issues that need to be shared and talked about.

The Institute offers counselling service and can also direct the student to appropriate medical care and support if they are going through a difficult time. Our welfare and support staff are here to help find the right accommodation or even help find a flat mate to share with. If Spanish is a weak point, we can help with issues such as getting a mobile phone or opening a bank account.

Most of all we are here to help make the time spent at the Institute a happy and fulfilling time. We are a small and specialized institution which means we are able to provide holistic care to all our students.

Barcelona: An Arts Destination
The freedom to experiment with new ideas doesn’t stop at our doors.

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most innovative and intoxicating cities—a place where creation and nurturing of the arts have long been prized. It is also one of the most admired and visited cities in the world, with famous sons of the Catalonian region including Salvador Dalí, Antoni Gaudí and José Carreras.

Our location in Sitges—an artistically diverse and sophisticated city in its own right, just 30 minutes from the centre of Barcelona—provides students with ample opportunities to take advantage of everything that the city has to offer.