Núria Beltran

Lecturer in Commercial Dance
Núria has worked as an Urban Dance Teacher, focused in popping style but with background in all styles. She masters hiphop, locking and house dance. Núria is also a member of the dance company The Boogie Tunes, and co-director of 20/20 Association, a popping formation academy for kids and adults in Barcelona. Núria is actually also battling national and internationally. She has been traveling all around the world showing her methods, always keeping the formation about the style. Her technique has been recognized with various awards, thus she has been the winner, among others, of the following events: - Back to the style 2018 (Italy) - KOD Spain qualification 2017 (Spain) - Most Valued Dancer of KOD Europe 2018 (Germany) - World of Dance Spain qualification (Spain 2017 and 2019) - Ghetto soul Battle (Germany 2018) - Juste Debout Spain qualification (Spain 2019) - Semifinalist of Juste Debout World Finals Paris (France 2019) - Ladies of Hip Hop (New York 2019) - Funkin Stylez Spain Qualification (Spain 2019) - Summer Dance Forever Worlwide Edition (Amsterdam 2020)