Mandi Guidi
Lecturer in Jazz Dance

Amanda originates from Glasgow, Scotland and trained at London school of Musical Theatre and The London Studio Center. Graduating in 2004, Amanda has spent over 12 years performing, choreographing and teaching across the globe. Her career has spanned over various genres and production types.

As a teacher Amanda has had the privilege of teaching in some of the best dance educational Institutes. Her former position as Head of Dance at the MGA academy Edinburgh, lead her to then take the role of Foundation course co-ordinator and senior lecturer in dance at Urdang Academy London.

Since then, she has been teaching freelance and performing in New Zealand and the UK before settling here in Barcelona where she teaches full time for the IAB. With her forte in Jazz dance, she teaches Jazz Technique, Musical Theatre, Commercial, Conditioning, Partner work and Audition Technique. She is also the Foundation course co-ordinator.