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BA (Hons)

About the Programme

The three-year BA Acting programme provides a conservatoire training. The students will develop high levels of skill in acting, voice, movement and singing along with a theoretical and critical understanding of their own work and an understanding of the historical and contemporary context. This training will allow the student to apply these skills in a wide variety of media including theatre, television, film, radio, and new media. The programme is for aspiring actors with passion, creativity, imagination and a real commitment to gaining and sustaining a lasting career in the performing arts.

The programme is based on the work of Konstantin Stanislavski and his followers, and uses this as a framework to explore multiple styles and texts. The students will also explore the works of many other practitioners and forms of theatre to give them the tools to develop as an individual creative artist. This will include skills in devising as well as a grounding in the practical aspect of creating your own work. The aim is to create actors who are as comfortable creating their own work as well as acting in a variety of media.

Instensive and Practical

The programme is full time and practical. It will be delivered through workshops, seminars, lectures, class and theatre based presentations, and one-to-one tutorials. You will be given constant feedback both formally assessed and in class, through presentations, observed classes, written essays and reports. As the programme progresses more time will be spent on the rehearsal and production of projects. 

Future Prospects
Graduates from the BA (Hons) Acting programme will have all the key skills required for a sustainable career in the performing arts with a focus on acting. As a graduate, you will not only be a creative artist with a substantial portfolio of work behind you, but you will also be a professional practitioner with the commercial and networking skills to go out and find work and make your own work. As an Acting graduate from the Institute of the Arts you will be in a unique position. Not only will you have defined and refined your skills in Acting but you will also have a knowledge and expertise in a range of complimentary roles and disciplines. As a graduate, you will be flexible, imaginative and able to seize opportunities, and make your own opportunities in stage, film, television, musical theatre, physical theatre, community theatre practice, and education.

The degree will also allow you to progress on to further postgraduate / Master degree studies in Europe and the USA.

How To Apply


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