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Postgraduate Studies at the IAB

Please note that the latest date for applications to MA Acting is 1st July. MA Dance programme is no longer accepting any applications.

Earthquakes in London, directed by Rob Watt

Earthquakes in London, directed by Rob Watt

MA Acting
1 Year Full-Time

MA Dance
1 Year Full-Time

IAB Masters – Performance study in a unique international context

IAB MA programmes are focused on providing a complete and rounded advanced postgraduate experience, artistically and intellectually.

Through the development of critical awareness and understanding of performance, aligned with elements of rigorous practical training, they are designed to empower the individual artist, performer and performance-maker to arrive at their signature style and method in an informed manner.

To achieve this, IAB Masters programmes employ a number of key approaches. First, the use of intense, practical, professional level performance and creation work underpinned by a rigorous contextual framework.

Second, an epistemological focus on performance – critically investigating ways that artists might approach their work on the path to becoming informed and truly empowered performers and performance-makers.

Third, a unique international vision which seeks to create artist-citizens of the world. The IAB is the only truly international institution for the performing arts in Europe, its post-graduate students arriving from across the globe. Each cohort draws in individual artists from a broad range of culturally specific performance backgrounds.

This allows each MA programme and its participants to respect, learn from and capitalise artistically on a unique and intellectually stimulating space, often through interdisciplinary experimentation and collaboration across the fields of the performing arts.

And fourthly, through experiential learning, the programmes encourage the enhancement of each individual’s entrepreneurial strength, demanding both the justification for, and viability of, performance ideas, and the execution of those ideas at an acceptably high level of quality.

IAB post-graduate studies lead professional level performers to an advanced understanding of the nature of their art and their skills, to becoming recognisable as reflective practitioners with a signature style, and to acquiring the entrepreneurial capacity to manage their own destiny as highly credible artists.

Ultimately, their aim is to allow the creation of the complete performer.



Teaching Staff

Jenn Blake
Programme Leader MA Dance

Armando Rotondi
Programme Leader MA Acting

Drew Mulligan
Acting Lecturer

Kate Firth
Voice Lecturer

Elena Cester
Lecturer in Movement

Valentina Temussi
Lecturer in Movement

Stefano Rosato
Lecturer in Ballet and Contemporary Dance



Professor Armando Rotondi on IAB’s Masters Degree programmes