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Popular Music ( Vocal Performance ) at the IAB


The Popular Music programme at IAB has one over-arching aim - to ensure you are given the training, teaching and business understanding that will allow you to become a genuine professional level performer, whatever your style or genre.

The programme is highly practical and you will benefit from one-to-one training. As with all IAB programmes we believe in learning by doing, we make sure you have regular opportunities to perform in public.

But added to that is our commitment to teaching you how to develop an entrepreneurial focus, helping you to understand how the music business works, and how to successfully manage your career as a singer and musician.



Teaching Staff

Nikki Laurence
Head of Musical Theatre and Singing

Raymond Tait
Lecturer in Singing and Musical Theatre

Adam Howard
Lecturer in Singing and Musical Theatre

Rocío Sevares
Lecturer in Music Theory and Keyboards

Mirko Ettore d'Agostino
Lecturer in Music Business and Music Technology

Anna Mateo
Lecturer in Singing