IAB Policies and Procedures

We aim to limit the number of IAB Policies and Procedures to those we should have as a caring, responsible and quality driven organisation. All Policies and Procedures relating to our students are included in the IAB Student Handbook issued as part of our enrolment activity.

The Policies and Procedures that we believe are public information are found below:

IAB Student Attendance Policy

IAB Student Complaints Policy

IAB Student Tuition Fees Policy

IAB Equality and Diversity Policy

IAB Physical Contact Policy

IAB Strategic Plan

IAB Cancellation of Programme Policy

IAB Student Withdrawal Policy

Academic Regulations

As an Academic Partner of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) we use the LJMU Academic Framework Regulations and comply with their Quality Assurance and Enhancement procedures in the delivery of all Masters and BA (Hons) programmes of study.  

See Academic Rules and Regulations for more information.

The IAB Foundation programmes are subject to the Academic Framework Regulations and Quality Assurance and Enhancement procedures of the IAB itself.

See IAB Foundation Programme Academic Regulations for more information.