IAB Professor Keynote Speaker at the Medusa Creative Minds Symposium

Armando Rotondi, Associate Professor in Performance Theory and Programme Leader for the MA Acting, will be keynote speaker at the Medusa Creative Minds Symposium organised by Jasmin Vardimon Company on Friday 1st February 2019. The symposium, hosted by Iain MacKenzie (Co-Director, Centre for Critical Thought, University of Kent) and Liz Moran (Director of Arts and Culture, University of Kent), will provide a fantastic opportunity for the general public as well as researchers, students, and teachers to witness fresh and creative ways to analyse and interpret Vardimon’s stimulating Medusa.

Panel includes: Prof. Armando Rotondi (Performance Theory), Dr Rosie Wyles (Classical History and Literature), Dr Iain MacKenzie (Politics & Critical Thoughts), Dr Miguel Alexiades (Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobotany), Dr Lise Uytterhoeven: (Dance researcher / writer), Gray Risby (ART31), Will Wollen (Drama and Theatre).

For more info please click on: https://thegulbenkian.co.uk/event/medusa-symposium/

Mark Lethem