Guest Professionals for the Merce Cunningham Centennial Workshop at IAB

For the Official Merce Cunningham Centennial Workshop (1-6 October), IAB is pleased to host many professional guests coming from prominent institutions in the field of performing arts: choreographer Trevor Carslon, member of the MErce Cunningham Trust, Assistant of Cunningham and Director of Thorus Arts (Barcelona); Loránd János, director of Choreoscope - Barcelona International Dance Film Festival; Àlex Murrull, photographer and filmmaker, Head of studies at Plató del Cinema Film School and director of Barcelona International Festival of TV Series; Danel Aser, Lecturer in Movement and Acting at Plató del Cinema; Daria Porokhovoï from Thorus Arts; Sara Dominguez from Choreoscope; Ursula San Cristóbal and Ruben López-Cano, Lecturer in music at the ESMUC and Taller de Musics in Barcelona. IAB MA Dance Students and 3rd-year BA Contemporary Dance will create 6 choreographies and dance films inspired by Cunningham’s work, working together with the guest professionals and the students coming from guest institutions.

Mark Lethem