Here are just some of the many benefits of studying at the IAB.

1. Our courses are Vocational and focused on preparing you for a career.

2. The IAB is a conservatoire and so you will be in a community of other performing arts students.

3. IAB courses are Interdisciplinary, so as well as learning about your specialisation you will have classes in other complimentary disciplines.

4. We are in international institution, so you will be training with people from all over the world.

5. You will be making an international network to enrich your experience and work opportunities.

6. English is the language of the IAB, so you will benefit from training in the principal international language of business and communication.

7. IAB programmes have business modules to prepare you for the world of work.

8. Our courses are intensive, which means you will be working hard on a full time programme.

9. IAB courses have a high taught time of approximately 25 hours a week - depending on which course.

10. We employ visiting lecturers to bring specialists as required into your programmes.

11. Visiting musical directors, directors, choreographers and live accompaniment bring students into contact with industry professionals at show times.

12. There are frequent opportunities to perform in front of an audience, the IAB produces in the region of 30 shows a year, many open to the public.

13. As part of the requirements of the degree programme you will be regularly assessed.

14. The IAB has an in house health and physiotherapy clinic.

15. There is a full time in house student counselling service.

16. Out teaching staff are international professional practitioners with industry experience.

17. The IAB hosts in house auditions requested by casting directors or agents.

18. Graduating students present an Agents Showcase to a variety of reputable industry agents.

19. On successful graduation you will be awarded a degree from Liverpool John Moores University.

20. Our validating university makes regular visits and inspections to ensure that our programmes comply with their high standards.

21. The IAB is open 6 days a week during term time - from 0800 to 2100 - so you can use studios for your own study after the end of the teaching day.

22. Utopia student hostel is 5 minutes walk to the IAB and other accommodation is within easy walking distance - so no commuting!

23. There are plenty of low cost accommodation options in Sitges and the cost of living is cheap.

24. Sitges is a great town for a student with lots of cultural activities and mediterranean quality of life.

25. Barcelona is half an hour on the train and the international airport is a short and cheap bus ride away.

26. We have a low cost cafe on site - or you can bring your own food to eat on site.

27. IAB usually hosts a prestigious company in residence - most recently it was The Jasmin Vardimon Company.

28. We are a small institution which means you need not get lonely or lost on a big campus - we are a creative community.