Platon Vasatis

Greece - BA (Hons) Acting - Class of 2017

Before IAB, Vasatis attended a three-year course in acting in a Greek Grama School, Rontidis where he furthered his passion for Acting.

During his time at the IAB, Vasatis feels he spent most of his time understanding the craft; what acting really is and how to develop his acting style. Platon played leading roles in productions such as THE GOOD SOUL OF SZECHUAN, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM and EARTHQUAKES IN LONDON.

Since graduating a mere 5 months ago, Platon has been involved in two TV commercials and is now looking forward to starting rehearsals with touring theatre company IPA Productions in Barcelona.

Produced by Data Art and directed by Grigoris Apostolopoulos, the two TV commercials, one promoting a soft drink called "Espsa Orangeade" and the other The department of Culinary Arts and Tourism in the Technical Institute were aired on the top TV channels in Greece, home country of the Actor. Platon enjoyed the experience of working in front of the camera once more, and hopes to work in his native country again in the near future.

Currently off to start a new project with IPA Productions, Platon is eager to start rehearsals with touring theatre company, and show off his versatility through different mediums. Platon is thankful that the IAB were able to organise the private audition for IAB students with IPA Productions to ensure his steady start after graduation.

Alice Wood