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IAB Professional Diploma
Aerial Arts and Performance

1 Year Full-Time

This programme is scheduled to run in September 2019.

This is a unique one-year programme and will run for the first time from September 2019 at a low introductory price. Intensive and highly practical, it focuses on developing your individual strengths, and as with all IAB courses you will learn through doing. But we don’t simply train you – we also make sure you have the business and professional knowledge you will need to step into a professional career with genuine confidence.    

Who is the Professional Diploma for?
The course is designed for experienced dancers or gymnasts who want to build their performance repertoire to include aerial arts, and for aerial artists looking to enhance their knowledge and develop a fuller, refreshed approach to performance and performance making. This is a physically demanding activity and to join the course you will need to demonstrate physical fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility.

We do not prescribe a particular background for applicants, but it’s highly likely that you will have experience in gymnastics or a strong technical dance background – of any style. There is one certainty – this is a discipline which needs performers who are able to embrace challenges and be fearless!

Please note that auditions for this programme are only held at the IAB.

What will I learn?
The IAB Professional Diploma will train you to master the performance techniques the Aerial Arts requires. To ensure you make the best of your ability we will show you how to consistently develop your own creativity and virtuosity.

Your studies will lead you to a strong understanding of how contemporary aerial performance is created, and you will discover the history and context of aerial performance art. This knowledge will be particularly important as you consciously begin to develop your range and create your own new work.

Uniquely, this diploma runs parallel to the IAB Diploma in Physical Theatre (Making and Performance). Some classes are shared, consequently offering a broader range of skills, expertise and performance opportunities.

Finally, crucially, you will be soaking up a genuine understanding of how the Aerial Arts performance business works, alongside the entrepreneurial knowledge you will need to operate day to day as a successful, well organised professional in this extraordinary creative industry.

Core Studies
Aerial Performance –
Silks, Hoop, Static Trapeze, Rope

Dance and floor Performance –
Gymnastics, Acro-dance, Dance

Physical Theatre –
Devising, Lecoq, Laban et al

Fitness and Body Conditioning –
Fitness, body strength, flexibility, stamina

How will I be taught??
You will be learning your skills in one of Europe's most creative and exciting international Institutions, on a course led by staff who are all highly experienced performers and teachers. 

Typically you will be taught in 15 hours of classes a week over the academic year (28 weeks), and because we believe our students learn best by ‘doing’, there are also regular performance opportunities in all kinds of settings, including IAB’s own professional theatre. 

The Sitges campus is extraordinary. The studios you train in, the light, sound and music technology that support your learning and performance, are student-friendly and high quality. IAB has a genuine interdisciplinary and international ethos – which means you are able to collaborate with other young IAB artists from across the field of performing arts, and from right across the world. 

And IAB’s performance staff stay in close touch with their industry. As well as being able to learn from the visiting professionals they bring to your classes, you’ll be able to benefit from their knowledge and contacts as you develop your own vital networking skills.

After qualification?

Students completing the Professional Diploma in Aerial Arts will be able to target work opportunities in fields such as Aerial Arts, Physical Theatre, Contemporary and Commercial Dance, Cruise Ship entertainment programmes, Promotion and Commercial Events and Film and TV.


Tuition Fees for Courses Starting September 2019

The Tuition Fee category to select is normally determined by the country of your residence. To be eligible you must have had full residency status in that country for a minimum of six months prior to submission of your application to the IAB. We will ask you to provide proof of residency. 

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