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Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Our Core Values and Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. The Institute is built on a framework of aims, vision, core values and beliefs.

 Our aims are

  • To provide excellent, innovative and dynamic vocational university level education for individuals wishing to gain and maintain creative and entrepreneurial careers in the performing arts.

  • To support and develop the performing arts as a valuable social and developmental activity in the community and promote access to it, as producers and consumers, irrespective of income, age, gender, ethnicity or disability.

Our vision is to be

  • An internationally renowned higher education Institution for the performing arts, with outstanding teaching and learning opportunities and state of the art learning resources, producing graduates able to create, produce and support creative work of the highest calibre.

  • An institution that promotes in its students independence of thought, intellectual rigour, personal and professional integrity and the drive for excellence.

  • An institution that encourages creative and business innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • An institution which fosters, encourages and nurtures collaboration, teamwork and inter- and multidisciplinary practice.

  • An institution recognised for its teaching innovation, and the cutting edge nature, relevance and integrity, of its curriculum.

  • A first choice institution for talented and motivated students from across the world, which celebrates diversity and embraces difference.

  • Recognised as a centre of excellence for teaching and learning performing arts, which is able to attract the best teachers and professional practitioners from across the world.

  • Recognised as an institution with a clear understanding of its social responsibility and a commitment to supporting access to the arts.

The Institute’s educational provision has been developed around a number of inter-related beliefs and core values. To sustain its aim and vision the Institute believes that its programmes should foster:

Each individual has their own approach to creative problem solving and the institute will strive to help you to find yours.

Creativity is about finding new, appropriate and sustainable solutions to defined problems. It is a process where assumptions are questioned, ideas tested, and personal, group and institutional boundaries are challenged.

We provide students with the scope to experiment and explore, by setting them challenges to solve (in groups or individually), by exposing them to best practice, and by providing them with an understanding of not only what works but also why it works.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
To develop and maintain a career in the performing arts you need to be enterprising and entrepreneurial, to grasp opportunities as they arise and develop your own projects and businesses. Simply waiting to be discovered usually leads to failure. 

Employment as a performer usually means self-employment, and small and micro-business operation. For a strong chance of success the practitioner needs a clear understanding of the nature of the business as well as the skills to operate within it - not only creative skills, but broader commercial and transferable skills.

The IAB culture produces that kind of performer. Independent, capable of seizing opportunities and showing the capacity to shift and change as the world changes around them.

Practical Skills
Creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation are vital for sustained success but those skills are of limited value if not underpinned by technical skills and knowledge.

All of the Institute’s programmes contain a rigorous programme of technical skill development.  For example dancers will undertake a sustained and substantial programme of dance technique, typically 14 classes per week, together with supporting classes in acting and voice. Other programmes provide similar skills development. Students graduate from the IAB with real skills for employment.

Conceptual Understanding
The most successful, consistently developing performers are those with the ability to evaluate their own work - and that of others - in a clear and informed way, and then draw well-reasoned and coherent conclusions.

To become that kind of self-aware, reflective practitioner demands a strong grasp not only of your knowledge and skills, but also the theoretical concepts that underpin them and inform their use.

All IAB students are introduced to research methods, critical reasoning and understanding of how to develop an argument. Theoretical paradigms are explored and throughout your studies you will take part in group evaluations and criticisms, considering your work as cultural and social practice as well as economic activity.

Global Perspectives
The performing arts operate in a globally networked creative and fiscal economy.

The Institute’s programmes are geared to heighten your understanding of the opportunities that this cross-cultural, international dimension offers you. You will be challenged to look beyond the limits of your own regional and national cultures and embrace those from across the world.

Student Centred and Practical Approaches
The most effective way to learn is to do. All of the Institute’s programmes are practical, giving scope for students to learn through experimentation – to learn through doing. Students are given the scope to explore their own skills and strengthen their weaknesses, and to manage their own pathway through the programmes. At IAB, the centre of the learning experience is you, not the teacher or the Institution.

Tolerance and Responsibility
Performing Arts practitioners have responsibilities. The performing arts are, by their very nature, a window on the lived world. They are a window through which people - producers and their audiences - develop an understanding of themselves and the society in which they live. Practitioners need to be intensely aware of the social, cultural and political implications of their work, and make informed and reasoned judgements regarding the validity and impact of their work. The IAB encourages its students to use their skills for good.

Excellence and Integrity
The Institute continuously strives for excellence. Excellence is achieved through sustained effort. Excellence is a habit, not an act. It requires practice and perseverance and real commitment.  The Institute strives to create a culture of excellence through encouraging tolerance, professional and personal integrity, intellectual rigour, and a respect for the skills and strengths of others.